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KTLA goes Apple Pay shopping with Apple's Eddy Cue

Apple senior vice president of internet software and services Eddy Cue has a lot to be happy about with a successful Apple Pay rollout in the last month. He's so happy that he went out and did a lot of early holiday shopping with KTLA's Rich DeMuro at a number of stores that feature -- surprise! --...

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Tis the season to subscribe: What's on my annual service renewal lists

As November rolls around, it's generally time for me to take stock, look at my current service subscriptions (as opposed to entertainment subscriptions like Netflix and Hulu) and weigh what items I'm going to invest in for the next twelve months. Some of my subscriptions are annual choices. They t...

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iPad point of sale kiosk spied at Panera Bread

Reader Domenico Bettinelli has shared this image of an iPad at a Panera Bread in Pennsylvania. It's being used as a customer-facing point of sale kiosk, which sounds pretty handy. Domenico writes: "You pay at right the station and then pick up your cup. [When your meal is ready], they bring t...

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