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Google's Photo Sphere app now on iOS and not just Android

Photo Sphere is no longer an Android exclusive. Google released the app for iOS users today, calling it Photo Sphere Camera. It's free, and a nice way to create immersive 360 degree photos. The app is pretty simple to use. Press the start button and the app will prompt you to move by centering a ye...

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Vacation Coming? Here are my favorite iOS photo apps

It's that time of year. Vacations are likely in your future, and there has never been a bigger choice in apps and utilities to make and share great still photos from your iPhone. Among the multitude of apps I've tested over the years, I have some favorites, so I'm sharing those treasures with you...

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Autostitch for iOS adds augmented reality to improve panoramas

Autostitch has been a long time favorite for combining multiple images into a smooth panorama. With a just-released update, the app adds augmented reality which superimposes visual data onto real world images. As the camera moves, the location of images already taken are layered over the real-t...

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Photosynth now 'cool enough' for iOS

It's funny how times change. In 2008 Microsoft released Photosynth for Windows, an impressive technology that allowed the stitching of several photos into one large panorama. Microsoft said at the time that they weren't "cool enough" to run on Mac OS. Well, I guess times have changed, and Apple h...

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360 Panorama brings sharing, simplicity to iPhone pano photos

We first looked at 360 Panorama back in July when it debuted against other panoramic photo apps, including Boinx's You Gotta See This and Debacle Software's Pano. On sale now for just US$0.99 (regular price $2.99), Occipital's panorama application has been updated to add what developer Jeff Power...

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AutoStitch raises the bar on iPhone panoramas

There are quite a few programs that allow you to create panoramas on the iPhone. I've reviewed some of them, and they all get pretty good reviews. The differences are often in how much work you have to do versus letting the software do the alignments of the various images. Since iPhone photos are al...

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Son of: In search of the perfect panorama

Yesterday I put three panorama programs to the test. Today, I added a 4th program, appropriately enough called Panorama [app store link]. It's US$9.99 and the most expensive of the apps on offer. After using the new app today, and going back and taking another fresh crack at the other three, I'll sh...

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In search of the perfect panorama

No one thinks the iPhone has a terrific, pro-level camera, but it is fine for quick snaps. One way to get an even better picture is to make a panorama, stitching multiple images together to give you a wider view, or a taller view, and more pixels. I've tried three of the apps designed to do panorama...

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Macworld Expo 2007 QuickTime VRs

While we whipped out our own photo galleries feature last week for Macworld 07, Panoramas.dk specializes in putting together QuickTime VRs of major events and places. TUAW reader Christian Chladek just tipped us off to Panoramas.dk's new Macworld 07 gallery, containing over 15 full-screen VRs of ...

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