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GoPano 360 degree camera with new app updates, case at CES

We originally took a look at the GoPano lens attachment from EyeSee360 last year when it was released -- the lens sits on the back of your iPhone, and allows you to take a full 360 degree picture with a free iPhone app. Since the project went live (it was funded by Kickstarter), EyeSee360 tells...

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Kogeto Dot takes panoramic video with the iPhone 4

The Kogeto Dot is an interesting little device. It's a lens that attaches to your iPhone 4 and allows you to shoot 360 degree panoramic video with the iPhone's little camera. Engadget tried it out, and they found it a little awkward -- you have to hold the iPhone perpendicular to the floor as y...

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Super-panoramic showdown for Mac

There are several photo-stitchers available for Mac (and several for iPhone as well), and most do a stellar job for stitching together 3-4 images into a panoramic image. However, I recently completed a project that required stitching together hundreds of images into some very large panoramas of s...

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Apple Store panoramic

This will probably be my last post about Apple's new Fifth Avenue store, but I'm not making any promises. The Cult of Mac points us to this very cool Quicktime panormic image of the store on opening night. It is very cool....

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