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Tag: papercraft

Flickr Find: Papercraft Steve Jobs

I love this -- papercraft artist Jay Hauf has constructed a little papercraft Steve Jobs cutout. Over on his Flickr account, he's posted a picture that you can print out, cut out, and then fold up into the form of our favorite CEO. The little figure even comes with a paper iPhone, though I guess if...

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Papercraft iPhone update to 1.1.1

Pie.Phage dropped us an updated version of the papercraft iPhone, complete with the WifiTunes music store. He didn't create it, he says-- he just updated the old design. Sure, for those of you who actually have iPhones, this is lame, but for those of us who haven't been able to take the plunge...

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Tiny little papercraft iPhone

DS Fanboy's Alisha Karabinus sent us this one, and I have to agree with her. While I'm not normally a man to call things cute (except in that derogatory sense: "Oh, you only beat Halo 2 on Normal difficulty? That's cute."), this papercraft iPhone is so tiny that it is, in point of fact, "cute."...

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