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Mac software deals for this Thanksgiving weekend

We're on the lookout for great deals this Thanksgiving weekend! Mike Schramm has already put up two posts on iOS apps which are on sale, and I've got a few Mac software deals to tell you about. The first one is Soulver, which is an app I've had my eye on since Marco Arment mentioned it on Bui...

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North Carolina town goes paperless, embraces iPads

The town of Cornelius, NC has launched a new program designed to cut down on paper use in the town's government facilities, and the linchpin of this program is none other than Apple's tablet, the iPad. According to the local Herald Weekly paper, the town passed out iPad 2s to commissioners at a...

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Paperless: A solid, easily customizable document manager for OS X

There are several bloggers here at TUAW who are slowly moving toward a paperless office. Steve Sande has had the best success, sharing some of what he's learned about culling out the piles of paper in his freelance business. However, it doesn't stop reams of paper from entering your life, or ...

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The paperless office: How to get there (and a discount e-book offer)

Last Wednesday on TUAW TV Live, I discussed my success over the past year at moving towards the ultimate goal of a paperless office. I thought it would be a good idea for me to pass along some of the methods I've been using to accomplish this elusive goal, and also offer a deal to our readers for an...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM ET: Chasing the paperless office and more

CES 2011 is over, Macworld Expo 2011 is just two weeks away, and just twelve days into the new year, we've had a lot to be excited about. Our favorite computers have their very own Mac App Store, the iPhone has a second carrier in the U.S., and the rumors of iPad 2 are beginning to fill the air. Tod...

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NYC mayor Bloomberg loves his iPad

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg loves his iPad, apparently -- he carries it with him everywhere, uses it for briefings, and even reads speeches off of it, as seen above. He's checking weather in the places he's heading off to vacation at, and he's reading in iBooks, too -- lately it's "The Fi...

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