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Rejoice! Papers, Please will get pixelated nudity after all

Papers, Please -- the hit PC game that launched on iPad today sans the not-at-all graphic nudity of the original game -- will be getting a patch to restore the low-res boobs and butts to their former glory. Developer Lucas Pope has announced that Apple contacted him and explained that the original...

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Papers 2 and Papers for the iPad: the ultimate journal reading combination

It's that time of year again: time to head back to college, grab those books and kickstart the academic term. This year, why not cut out paper from your scientific journal research workflow with the ultimate in journal management and reading for the Mac and iPad? Management Papers 2 takes j...

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Judge unseals documents in Gizmodo case, finder offered extra $3500 and bonus for lost iPhone

After multiple requests from media like Wired.com and the Los Angeles Times, a judge has unsealed the search warrant in the Gizmodo case. According to California law, search papers must be made public within 10 days of a search being completed, unless there are extenuating circumstances in the case....

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Back to School: Papers updated for the new term

TUAW's going Back to School! We'll be bringing you tips and reviews for students, parents and teachers right up until the bell rings in September. Read on for a timely app update useful for students. PDF management app Papers has been bumped to version 1.8.5, bringing what the developers claim are 1...

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Skim 0.7 update

Since we last mentioned the Skim PDF reader and annotating application it has grown considerably and the newly released version 0.7 adds bevy of new features. Since that early release back in April they've added considerably to the markup and searching tools (including live search of the document wi...

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Skim PDF reader

In a comment to our recent PDF review, Gary let us know about about Skim, a new open source project to produce a tool for reading and marking up PDFs. Skim already has a number of interesting tools, allowing you to: embed notes (both shorter notes that appear over the PDF, and anchored notes wh...

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Papers: Scientific Papers PDF Manager

Papers appears to be an interesting application for those in the scientific community who need to read and manage a large number of papers as PDFs. It integrates with the online NIH database PubMed for searching and downloading. It allows you to organize articles not only by title but by author and...

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