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Quotely for iPhone saves memories for new parents

"You're messing up my creation and it's going to be a disaster." -- William, age four. As almost any parent can tell you, children are masters of saying unintentionally hilarious things. Quotely for iPhone (free) lets parents and other caregivers capture these funny moments easily, for sharing or...

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Survey shows parents are open to using tech to monitor unsupervised kids

Privacy issues are a big topic in America right now, but for kids under 17 privacy is almost always going to be dependent upon their parents. There are no unlawful search and seizure laws governing parents, and a new survey indicates that Big Mother and Father may soon be watching. The survey, con...

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Apple isn't being parental enough, according to EU

Preventing unauthorized purchases on the App Store isn't difficult. Apple's system already requires separate authorization for App Store transactions and in-app purchases, provides a warning of the 15-minute purchase window when a paid app is bought, and iOS allows you to disable both in-app purch...

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Osmo extends iPad kids' gaming to the physical world

In a few short years, the iPad has gone from geeky luxury item to a ubiquitous, incredibly popular device -- and that's especially true with the fickle, frantic audience we call "the kids." Little hands love Apple's portable, touchable tablet... maybe a little bit too much. Parents and educators...

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FTC focuses on Apple's App Store while ignoring similar issues with Google Play

The FTC last week announced a settlement agreement with Apple whereby Apple agreed to pay out, at a minimum, US$32.5 million dollars to the parents of children who made unauthorized in-app purchases. At the root of the FTC's investigation was a 15-minute window which allowed iOS users, once an iTun...

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Guided Access is the single greatest iOS feature for parents and kids

If you're like me and you routinely have to mind an Angry Birds-obsessed 3-year-old, you already know how easily tiny fingers can find their way to strange parts of the iPad and iPhone. You can disable WiFi or even turn cellular data off to prevent unauthorized web browsing, but that's tedious and...

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A comprehensive list of developers who make apps for kids

Apps are wonderful tools for learning and fun, but sometimes it's hard for parents to find companies that make kid-friendly apps. Sometimes those recommendations come from odd places, like a random tweet invoking Oskar Schindler. Today's tip comes from just such a tweet, sent by Twitter user @bmf....

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Apple launches 'Kids' category on App Store

Apple has quietly launched a new category in the App Store: Kids. First announced at WWDC, the newly launched category features apps curated by Apple's editorial staff, appealing to children of certain age ranges including sections for: "Best for Ages 5 & Under," "Best for Ages 6-8" and "Best ...

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Parenting Tip: Using Find My iPhone to locate a misplaced iOS device

We've read countless stories about Find My iPhone and how it has helped police recover a stolen iOS device. The service is great for this type of field work, but did you know that Find My iPhone can help you find an iOS device that's been misplaced around your house? If you are a parent of little...

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McDonald's releases McPlay app: 'Hey kids, this is advertising'

McDonald's has awkwardly tried to enter the App Store marketplace with an app it calls "McPlay," available for free on the App Store right now. I wouldn't recommend a download (personally, I've boycotted the golden arches for almost a decade now), but it is fascinating to see the fast-food giant...

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Withings Smart Kid Scale tracks your baby's weight

Withings makes a popular line of wireless body scale products that let users record and track their weight on their iOS devices. Recently, the company has brought another product to market that targets parents. The Withings Smart Kid Scale is a child-sized body scale that sends weight readings ...

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Dear parents, it's not Apple's In-App Purchase problem, it's yours

Dear parents, Week after week we see articles about someone's child racking up thousands of dollars' worth of In-App purchases on their parents' iTunes account. You know the stories. They're ones like this: Five-year-old spends $2,500 on in-app purchases. And this: Apple's in-app game charges...

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What happens in a toddler's brain when they use an iPad

Those of us who have used traditional computers for a while think the iPad is pretty magical. t's super fast, super portable, and the direct interactivity is a very different experience from what we're used to with a mouse and keyboard. But those comparisons aren't as valid for children who are...

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iPad is a nuisance for many Chinese parents

A report from the Beijing Evening News suggests Chinese parents are scuffling with their kids over iPads. It seems the iPad was the gift of choice for many children this past Chinese New Year, and now those youngsters are having a hard time putting their tablets aside. Exasperated parents don't kn...

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PBS releases children's iPad app, interesting usage stats

Last week PBS released its free PBS KIDS Video for iPad app. The app features more than 1000 videos from over a dozen PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS GO! series, including Sesame Street, The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, and Super WHY! The app itself was purposefully designed so that young kids co...

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