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Your iPhone could help you find where you parked your car

Two freshly published Apple patents might make your next visit to the mall a bit less stressful. "Automatic Identification of Vehicle Location" and "Vehicle Location In Weak Signal Scenarios" -- which were both filed in early 2013 and became public today -- describe systems that can point you to y...

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MonkeyParking app draws ire of San Francisco officials

Finding parking in any big city can often be a big, bonafide pain in the arse. One company with an eye towards remedying the problem is MonkeyParking, an Italian-based startup that runs out of San Francisco. The premise of MonkeyParking is rather simple: Whenever a driver is about to leave a park...

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Find My Car Smart is first Bluetooth 4.0 app for iPhone

Bluetooth 4.0 became official recently, and now the first app to use this technology has made its way into the app store. The app, Find My Car Smart, is part of a Kickstarter project from FMC Smart. If funded, the company will make a Bluetooth 4.0 module that'll sit in your car. When you park, th...

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TUAW's Daily iPhone App: Parking Dash

I've posted about the "Dash" time management games before -- traditionally, they're just basically tap-and-wait titles that have you managing a diner or a spa. But Parking Dash, out today on iPhone, is the most involved one I've seen. The app still has a plucky female heroine (these apps tend t...

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Earth Day: Lower your carbon output (and blood pressure) with Roadify

In this year's NYC Big Apps 2.0 competition, there was a lot at stake for the developers behind the 57 app submissions. Not only were they up for cash prizes, but the recognition of their efforts to leverage the city's data mine for the public good was certain to boost their profile in Silicon All...

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Two apps to help you find a parking spot

A while back in Chicago, a friend and I tried working on a Google maps API site that was sort of a crowd-sourced parking guide -- we'd set up a Google map that could be marked up with where the best free parking was, and then we'd turn it loose on the Internet to get filled in with information. Unfo...

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Use Augmented Reality to find your car

I have to admit, when I park in a big lot, I often forget where old Betsy is. There have been more than a few iPhone apps to help you find your car, but Car Finder [iTunes link] uses augmented reality to get you pointed in the right direction. Here's how it works: you get out of your car and mark...

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