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Conan O'Brien blasts Final Cut Pro X

Apple released Final Cut Pro X this week. Despite the price drop, many users were disappointed with this version, and others were downright upset. Heck, even host Conan O'Brien blasted the software on his late-night TV show. Conan notes that this update is "so different," that editors are having...

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Found Footage: Grandma gets an iPad

After spending years trying, failing and trying again to teach a number of mature Apple users how to use various Apple products, I got a kick out of this video. It's funny because it's true, and it also shows that there are some less than optimum uses for an iPad. This iPad parody was made as a s...

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Music from iPhone ads now available - get working on those YouTube parodies

In addition to that wonderful iFuntastic app that allows you to add ringtones and rearrange your iPhone's apps (even after this week's 1.0.1 software update), iPhone Alley has also made available what is sure to become a staple of iPhone culture and parodies the world over: the 'official' music from...

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Found Footage: SNL - Post-It-Notes

It's always nice to see Apple parodies, especially when they: a) have nothing to do with an existing product, or specifically: the iPod, and b) are from the mid-90's. This is a decent SNL spoof that quickly rose up the digg ranks yesterday evening, parodying a fictitious Apple product that's a bit ...

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