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Pocket announces digital publishing partnership with Matter

Just last week we mentioned that Pocket, formerly known as Read It Later, was growing its little empire of features and various apps, but hadn't yet landed on a solid monetary plan. Well here that comes now: Pocket has announced a partnership with a Kickstarter-funded digital publisher called M...

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China Unicom, Apple in talks to extend 3-year partnership

Back in June of 2009, Apple and Chinese telecommunications company China Unicom inked a three year partnership that has been very successful for both parties. The Next Web reports that China Unicom president Lu Yimin has revealed that the two companies are now in talks to renew their partnershi...

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Tapulous integrated into Disney Mobile, releases Katy Perry Revenge

Disney buying Tapulous was one of the most high-profile App Store acquisitions so far, and here are the first fruits of that partnership. First up, Disney reports that Tapulous has been integrated into the rest of the company -- the studio is now fully part of the "Disney Mobile" division, so all...

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The history of Apple and AT&T's marriage of convenience

Wired has just published a lengthy article that outlines the often uncomfortable partnership between Apple and AT&T. The overall thread of the article isn't anything new. Apple isn't happy with AT&T's flimsy network infrastructure; meanwhile, AT&T, though certainly happy with the increas...

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AMD acquires ATI for $5.4 billion

AMD, the #2 CPU maker in the world, has announced a purchase of ATI, a leading graphics card manufacturer, for $5.4 billion. IMG has more details on the buyout and the business end of things, but we're more interested in finding out what exactly this means for the Mac market. ATI currently supplies ...

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Apple and Intel thinking differently together

Intel sounds excited about their relationship with Apple, as Deborah Conrad, vice president and director of Team Apple at Intel, spoke positively to a group of CNET editors yesterday about how things are going so far. Deborah was doubtful that an Intel chip would be powering the iPod anytime soon, b...

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