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iPad 101: No bottle opener? No problem

This handy tip first made the rounds in May of 2012, but it's worth reviving for a holiday weekend filled with barbecues, beer -- and probably a few missing bottle openers. According to Twitter's @EvaGiselle (and technique confirmed/photo thanks to TechHive's Susie Ochs), you can indeed pop the top ...

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kJams, karaoke software for the Mac, hits 1.0

kJams just went into proper beta this March, and now the venerable karaoke software has gone 1.0 as of June 21. The update brings some important features, especially if you are going beyond karaoke hobbyist and are considering a PC-based karaoke solution in a venue. Of particular note is a "ShowSc...

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Spain's Falles celebration invades Apple Store

I would probably describe Apple Stores as "busy," "happening," or maybe even "populated," but I wouldn't have ever described them as "boisterous" .. until I saw the videos below. These two videos are via ifoAppleStore and were recorded at the Apple Store Calle Colón in Valencia, where th...

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algoriddim's djay now on iPhone / iPod touch, iPad version updated

Algoriddim, maker of the djay app, has gotten in touch to let us know that it has updated djay for iPad to version 1.1 -- introducing some exciting new features -- and to announce an all-new version of djay for the iPhone and iPod touch. djay is a virtual, touch screen DJ setup with a reali...

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iPhone cheese dock, just in time for the holidays

So you're having a holiday party this week and want to throw in a little Apple flavor to the whole thing. If you're Ally Fontaine, a reader over at iPhone Savior, you apparently take an iPhone dock and stick it in a big block of Pepper Jack to make an iPhone cheese dock. Weird? Yes. Festive? Very. ...

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Be a turntable hero with djay for iPad

An iPad app might not be enough to convince a seasoned DJ to go iPad-only, but then, a medium-sized, multi-touch surface can only come so close to replicating a turntable, right? With djay for iPad (US$19.99 on the App Store), algoriddim has not only impressively mimicked traditional decks, they've ...

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Video: Inside Delicious Generation

Here's a distillation of demos seen at Delicious Generation. This time we're trying something a little different and using Viddler, a service that will reportedly allow you to interactively bash the quality of the video as it plays (no need to mention the interlacing, we see it). Oh, you can leav...

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A bird's-eye view of the Apple Bash in SF

Click To Play Right now I can hear the band (I'm musically ignorant, so if you know who these kids are, leave it in the comments) playing, so thought I'd share what I can see from the hotel room. Just a taste of what the real attendees are enjoying at 8pm PST... (sorry about the a...

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TUAW at House of Shields tonight

The party starts tonight at 8pm at House of Shields! Apparently we're just a couple of blocks away from the Webkit party (bet they will certainly get a turnout now, huh?) and Buzz Andersen's 4th annual WWDC bash. So let's just take over this part of the city, shall we? House of Shields is at 39 New ...

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WWDC Party: The Delicious Generation

Those crazy kids behind MacHeist and My Dream App are at it again, this time bringing you a night of drinks, demos, and developers. The Delicious Generation party will feature live demos of upcoming software from prominent Mac developers including Austin Sarner of AppZapper and the Pixelmator team. ...

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Party with TUAW at WWDC

Monday, June 11 is going to be a big day. Oh sure, Jobs and Co. are going to lay some heavy fun stuff on us in the morning. And that afternoon the blogosphere will implode, and Engadget will liveblog the whole thing. But the night will host the very first second official TUAW meetup. What better pla...

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Macworld 2007 party roundup for Wednesday, January 10th

Macworld certainly isn't all work and no play, so I thought it would be handy to round up any parties and gatherings that are happening *off* the Macworld Expo grounds. For simplicity, I checked Upcoming's Macworld tag, though we have heard of at least one other non-listed event (and I would bet the...

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djay - a "groundbreaking" audio application

djay, as you can see, is a "groundbreaking" new audio app that offers a slew DJ-oriented features to get your party started, including: Real-time audio mix transmission over Bonjour network Real-time audio mix recording iTunes Integration Automatic artwork image loading on both turntab...

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What better way for a group of tireless Apple code monkeys to relax after a week of hard work than to get smashed on the train ride home? According Drinktrain, not much. Thus, a tradition consisting of just that seems to have emerged from within Cupertino. Most Friday evenings, the last car on the C...

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Chili Pepper listening parties to be held at Apple Stores

It's great to see that when the Peppers (finally) decide to commit to something, they really dive in: iLounge is reporting that on May 2nd at 6:30 pm local time, Apple Stores in the U.S., Canada and UK will hold listening parties for the band's new album, Stadium Arcadium, set to land on May 9th. Th...

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