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Big Brother Camera Security for iOS is back after App Store ban

Big Brother Camera Security is an intriguing free app that lets you know if someone is snooping around your iPhone. When you install the app you pick a passcode for your phone, and give it your email address. You'll get a confirming email with a code to validate it's you setting up the app, and...

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Passcode stealing app banned by Apple

Apple clamped down on the Big Brother Security App and removed the passcode-stealing lockscreen app from the App Store. Daniel Amitay is the developer behind the Big Brother app, which hit the headlines this week. The controversial app uses its own lockscreen and grabs the passcodes users enter...

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Most common iOS passcodes discovered by developer

We're going to guess your passcode, the set of four numbers you use to get into your iPhone when you unlock it. Ready? Is it 1234? 0000? 1998? If it's any of those, you may want to change it. A developer named Daniel Amitay runs an app called Big Brother Camera Security that uses its own in-a...

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