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Pasting with style in Apple's iWork suite

In Apple's iWork suite, the "Paste and Match Style" or "Paste Style" options, as implied in their names, allow you to paste the style from one element onto another; or to paste an element into a document and to match the style of the document that it's getting pasted to. In many ways, they're the...

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TUAW Tip: Paste without formatting by default

Here's something I know affects plenty of users out there. Have you ever pasted text in a document or email message, only to have it formatted differently than all the text around it? Irritating, right? There's an answer, thanks to the Keyboard & Mouse pane in System Preferences. If you cl...

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iPhoneHellas: 2.2 coming November 21

According to iPhoneHellas.gr, version 2.2 of the iPhone firmware will be made available on November 21. The site says that the tipster is "reliable" but offered few details. Gizmodo calls the site "consistently reliable." The tipster did say, however, that the update will not contain Greek keyboard ...

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iCopy brings rudimentary copy and paste to iPhone Safari

Everybody wants copy and paste on the iPhone, but this seemingly obvious computing functionality has been unaccountably missing since the iPhone shipped. Unlike the rest of us however, Preston Monroe decided to do something and produced iCopy, a javascript bookmarklet that lets you copy and paste t...

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Why isn't C&P on the iPhone yet?

A site called Sven on Tech claims to have word straight from an Apple "source" as to why there isn't cut and paste on the iPhone. Apparently, and get this, they just haven't figured out how to implement it yet. In other news, the Apple TV will be a success, as soon as Apple figures out how to impl...

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iClip Lite 2 Dashboard widget released

iClip Lite, as we've mentioned in the past, is a free, widgetized version of the shareware iClip. The Lite widget version is "a multiple clipboard & scrapbook widget designed to improve your efficiency and productivity for most tasks you do on your computer". New in version 2 is:    &...

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