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Apple patents suggest iPad "kickstand," graphics pen

Apple's R&D is always hard at work coming up with various ideas for Apple products, and when they do, Apple usually lays down the paperwork for patents on them, whether they're destined for actual release or not. A few of these wacky ideas have popped up in the USPTO lately, and while they'll l...

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Apple applies for trademark on the "Grand Central" Snow Leopard feature

When Apple announced Snow Leopard, they also detailed a new developer service that can be used to full take advantage of the dual cores in newer Intel Macs. The Apple website tells us the following about GrandCentral: Grand Central takes full advantage [of the processor cores] by making all of Mac ...

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Rumor: Apple patent points to "iPhone nano?"

Now this is interesting. Apple applied for a patent today that depicts an iPod-looking device with a simple clickwheel that displays numbers...much like an old rotary phone. Could it be a low-cost sibling for the iPhone? This is all speculation, of course, but Apple does offer both a high end and a ...

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