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Apple scores patents for surround-sound MacBook, GarageBand gestures

When it rains, it pours in the world of Apple patents, and today it's pouring. As Patently Apple reports, the company official scored 48 new patents today, a couple of which apply to GarageBand and a feature that may eventually find its way into the MacBook Pro. For starters, a patent for "Electr...

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New patent points to iPhone that knows when it's been stolen

Forget Touch ID, Apple has dreamed up a way for your iPhone to recognize who you are simply by how you use it. In a new patent titled "Generating Notifications Based On User Behavior," Apple describes a way for a mobile operating system to identify patterns in your usage, and could even be used to...

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Judge: Apple may not use term "patent troll" in court

Apple and Hawaii-based GPNE Corp are preparing for a legal battle that's being heard by judge Lucy Koh, who has instituted a "no name-calling" rule. Specifically, Judge Koh has told Apple's attorneys that they may not refer to GPNE Corp as "patent troll" or "privateer" or "bandit" while in front o...

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New Apple patent brings insane concept videos one tiny step closer to reality

Back in 2012, a local Fox affiliate ran a news story showing off what they thought was the iPhone 5. In reality, it was a concept video with non-existent features like holographic images and a projection keyboard. The internet laughed and we all went on with our lives. Now, Apple has filed a paten...

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Apple patents Smart Cover with built-in display

It's rare that we both bringing up new Apple patents here at TUAW, simply because most of them are too nonspecific or obscure to really put much weight on, but this newly published patent is just too cool not to mention. The patent describes a new Smart Cover that features a notification system to...

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If graphene is the next big thing, is Apple already way behind?

For massive companies like Apple and Samsung, continued success often depends on pioneering new technologies and staying ahead of the curve. Graphene, an ultra-thin and ultra-strong arrangement of carbon atoms is one of the front runners for the category of "next big thing" in tech. A graphene she...

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Meet the company that is dangerously close to collecting 1% of Apple's iPhone and iPad revenue

If you've never heard the name VirnetX that's OK, since the company doesn't really make anything you use on a daily basis, but Apple knows the name all too well. The two companies have been entangled in a long legal battle over a handful of patents applying to Apple products like FaceTime, and you...

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Apple's Data Tapping patent accounted for 85% of its damages award

A jury on Monday finalized Apple's damages award, leaving the company's original $119 million figure intact. While Apple at trial asserted five patents, the jury determined that Samsung's products infringed upon three of them. And from those three, one patent in particular accounted for the vast m...

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Apple refuses to join Intellectual Ventures' new patent acquisition fund

Intellectual Ventures is a patent holding company that's often referenced as an example of widescale and aggressive patent trolling. Co-founded by former Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold, Intellectual Ventures likes to spin its business model as creating a net benefit for the tech industry, a positio...

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Apple wants Samsung to pay $40 per accused device, court documents reveal

In just a few weeks, Apple and Samsung will begin their second large-scale patent infringement battle in the US District Court for the Northern District of California. The trial comes just weeks after top executives from each respective company were unable to reach an amicable settlement agreement...

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New Apple patent hints the company may be entering the restaurant-reservation market

Thanks to Siri, Apple can quickly help you find movie times and buy tickets, make an appointment on your calendar and sometimes rickroll you. At this point, Siri can even help you make a reservation at a restaurant, although that's through integration with OpenTable. (Try asking Siri "Make reserva...

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Apple patents 'smart dock' that auto-activates for voice recognition

A new patent by Apple suggests that Siri may be headed for the home. The filing, titled "Smart dock for activating a voice recognition mode of a portable electronic device," details an advanced base station that would host a device like the iPhone or iPad, and could automatically activate the voic...

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Damages retrial in Apple/Samsung case kicks off today

A jury trial to determine just how much Samsung owes Apple for patent infringement commenced today in the US District Court for the Northern District of California in San Jose, Calif. Recall that a jury initially awarded Apple US$1.05 billion in damages back in August of 2012 after finding that an...

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Apple considered buying BlackBerry's IP and patents

Apple has expressed interest in buying a selection of BlackBerry's intellectual property (IP) and other patents, reports Reuters. While Apple wasn't the only entity to express interest in BlackBerry's assets (Microsoft and other tech giants reportedly were also interested), it certainly would be t...

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Apple patent suggests devices could protect themselves from falling damage

Your iPhone probably wasn't cheap, and if you're relying on a budget case (or, worse yet, nothing at all) to protect your investment, there's a good chance a long fall will do some serious damage. But what if your device was smart enough to protect itself from damage in the event that you knock it...

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