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Microsoft working on apps for iPad

It's funny -- for all of Microsoft's blustery bravado and insecure jealousy, the company really seems to spread itself around pretty evenly. Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott has tweeted that Microsoft is indeed working on apps for the iPad. So, despite Ballmer's own complaints and the ongoing rumors...

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Paul Thurrott amazes again, turns iPhone's Yahoo! synching feature into a complaint

Uh oh, famed purveyor of the SuperSite for Windows and spinster extraordinaire Paul Thurrott is at it again with a third installment of his iPhone review that focuses on the iPhone's performance as an actual phone. Never faltering in his ability to spin a genuinely innovative feature into a mark aga...

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WWDC07: Bust or Boon?

It's not often I agree with Paul "Argue Cuz I Can" Thurrott, but sometimes he hits the proverbial nail on the head: In one sentence on his blog, Internet-Nexus, Thurrott sums up the WWDC keynote snooze-fest that wedgied some of the Mac community: "And now we know," say Thurrott, "that OS X is as ...

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