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A simple guide to setting up Apple pay

Monday October 20 is the first day Apple Pay will be available to use at select retailers across the U.S., but will you be ready to bust out your phone and make a purchase? Here's a handy walkthrough for making sure you're ready when you hit the register. Step 1: Own a new iOS device Sorry...

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Apple Pay goes live on October 20, many new retail partners and banks on board

Tim Cook earlier today provided new details regarding Apple Pay, the company's upcoming mobile payments platform. First and foremost, the service is slated to go live on Monday, October 20. Second, Apple has shored up the number of banks and retail partners throwing their support behind Ap...

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More than 25% of iTunes users want the cloud

A new NPD Group survey says that if Apple ever does release its rumored cloud music service for iTunes, there will definitely be an audience. Over 25% of iTunes users polled say that they would be interested a free iTunes cloud service. And about half of those would be interested in actually paying ...

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App Store payola, and what it means for the app ecosystem

Earlier this week, Wired posted a story about what they call "App Store Payola" -- the practice of sites that solicit cash payments (or other compensation) in order to expedite or publish app reviews. This isn't anything new. Ever since the App Store first went online, there have been sites that hav...

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