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Apple responds to the Rite Aid, CVS debacle in a very 'Apple' way

Apple is a company of actions, not words. Even when Tim Cook takes the stage to talk about how great his company is, it's always about the here and now, not empty promises about the future. Apple's official response regarding the refusal of Rite Aid and CVS to support Apple Pay -- the company's ne...

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Morgan Stanley is totes in love with Apple Pay

With Apple Pay slated to launch this month, all eyes are on Apple to see if it can shake the curse of NFC payment systems and break through to mass adoption. We won't know if it succeeds for a while, but Morgan Stanley's Craig Hettenbach certainly seems upbeat about the possibility. In a release t...

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Square credit card reader loses weight, gains accuracy

The Square credit card reader is already a huge hit with small businesses, so an upgrade to the hardware is definitely cause for a little early holiday celebration. The company revealed an all-new version of its iconic register peripheral today, showing off a sleeker design that cuts its width by ...

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Dash wants you to pay your happy hour tab with your iPhone

Alternative payment methods seem to be all the rage these days, from retailer-specific virtual cards that can be loaded with currency to the movement to make NFC-based payment kiosks an option at retailers. As VentureBeat reports, New York's Dash wants to do things a bit differently and by targeti...

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Apple now allowing Paypal payment for Apple Store purchases (in Germany)

German users have noticed one other change from the Apple Store downtime last night, and that is that Apple will now accept Paypal payments through their store. You could previously use Paypal as a payment service on the iTunes and Mac App Stores, but you can't (in most places) on the ...

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Square and Starbucks make deal for cellphone payments

You could buy a lot of coffee with $25 million; that's how much money Starbucks is investing in Square as part of a deal to incorporate the mobile payments startup into its store systems. Starting in the fall, Square's Pay with Square app will be enabled for Starbucks purchases, and Starbucks will...

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iPhone app and debit card from Simple aim to streamline consumer finance

Considering the amount of time your wallet and your iPhone spend sitting right next to each other, is it any wonder that banks and payment services are making iOS job #1 for their mobile strategies? Big banks like Citi and Chase have capable iPhone apps for handling your money on the go, with...

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Square wants Square Register and iPad to be your POS solution

Square is looking to expand its reach into retail using its new Square Register app for the iPad. This solution promises to replace the cash register and let small retailers process credit card payments, accept cash payments, list store products and track customer purchases. Similar to Square for ...

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Rumor: NFC payments coming to Apple Stores soon?

It may be a case of putting the cart before the horse, but Boy Genius Report suggests that some of the retail rumblings coincident with the Apple Stores' 10th anniversary (coming this week) may have to do with the stores being equipped to take payments via Near Field Communications (NFC) setups. P...

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Next-generation iPhone reportedly will not feature NFC payments

The past year has seen a flood of speculation about whether or not future iPhones would feature Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities. NFC technology would embed a special chip into your phone; waving the phone at a reader near a cash register would automatically pay for those items from ...

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Bank app lets you pay bills with iPhone camera

Danske Bank just made it easier to spend money. Banking customers can now pay bills with nothing more than a photo and a tap, boosting the convenience of online payments. Danske Bank's official app is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. Once installed, users simply launch...

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Square card reader: Now anyone in the US can accept credit cards

Headline updated to acknowledge that Square is a US-only service for now. Remember the Square card reader and payment service from our first hands-on video in January at Macworld Expo 2010? Square makes it possible for anyone, whether an individual or small business, to take payments via credit ca...

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Square payment system launches on iPad

The wait is over. The app that blew us away at Macworld Expo, Square, has finally launched...on the iPad. Originally developed and advertised as an iPhone app, Square hit shelves this morning as a fully-optimized iPad app. Now customers can install Square on their iPads, effectively turning them ...

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