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Bria extends VoIP phone client to iPad

If you've been looking around for a solid VoIP/SIP client for the iPad or iPhone, consider CounterPath's Bria. For all the excitement around VoIP on the iPhone and iPod touch (including high profile apps like Skype, Vonage TalkFree for Facebook and Line2), relatively few developers have gone ...

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Line2 adds a second line to your iPhone for $15 a month

Would you like to add a second line to your iPhone? Perhaps you'd like to add a business number to the phone, but your existing phone is currently tied to your personal mobile number. You could always carry a second phone, but that's an expensive proposition, particularly if you're an iPhone addi...

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First Look: RF telephony for iPhone

Internet Telephony Provider rf.com is getting ready to launch its iPhone-specific PBX service. The service allows you to place calls both internationally and to online providers like Skype using your normal iPhone minutes. So if you have a friend who's on Skype but has no Skype In access, you can ca...

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iBlue, Mac mini based IP PBX

I'm not an expert on VoIP (that's Voice over IP) technology, but I do know an interesting way of distributing software when I see it. 4S newcom GmbH has developed a new software based IP PBX (that's telephone switch to you, put simply). Normally, this wouldn't be something we discuss on TUAW, but th...

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