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Peel to test real-time polling of TV shows

Remember Peel? The pear-shaped IR blaster and accompanying remote control app was given the TUAW review treatment last July by our very own Victor Agreda, Jr. The company has announced that starting this week, they'll be testing a real-time polling feature in the app. Not surprisingly, the polling ...

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Which universal remote for iOS should you choose?

This week I ran in-depth reviews of three iOS-based universal remote systems. Each uses a separate remote unit, as opposed to dongle-based IR blasters like the Ri remote and others. We'll take a look at those other IR remotes another time. The question is, of the Peel, UnityRemote and Beacon, w...

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Peel: first look at one of four iOS remotes for your TV

With so many new iOS-centric AV remotes coming out, we're tackling them for review one by one. Each has a different approach to delivering on the "true universal remote" promise, and each has its own advantages and drawbacks. The Peel is a two-part solution for your living room entertainment: t...

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Peel iOS remote raises $16 million in funding

We've posted about the Peel universal IR remote before. It's an interesting setup using a third-party unit that looks almost like a pear, designed to fit right into your living room wirelessly. It connects to an iOS app and turns your iDevice into a universal remote for any other units you migh...

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Peel works as universal remote and TV service on your iPhone

I sure thought we'd covered Peel here before, but I guess not (maybe I was thinking of that iPod touch add-on -- the "Apple" name certainly invites lots of fruit imagery). Either way, it's worth mentioning that the interesting Peel TV solution for the iPhone is now available for purchase. For U...

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Sprint to launch Peel case for iPod touch on Sunday

The rumors have come to fruition: Sprint will launch the ZTE Peel case for the iPod touch on November 14th. According to documents acquired by the Boy Genius Report, the device will cost US$79.99 and require a $30 month-to-month plan. Customers will get a 1GB data allowance per month, with overag...

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Peel: MP3 Blog Client

Peel is an interesting application for reading and subscribing to MP3 blogs. What is an MP3 blog (or musicblog) you ask? Well Wikipedia says that a musicblog is simply a blog whose main point is offering MP3s (or other digital audio files) for download (along with commentary). Peel is very self cons...

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