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IRISNotes 2 is like a cheap version of Livescribe minus the special paper

Companies have been trying for years to make it easy for users to write on a standard notepad and capture that text in a digital format. I.R.I.S., a company that specializes in optical character recognition software, is back at it again with its new IRISNotes 2 lineup of digital pens. The bat...

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Review: Crayola ColorStudio HD and Griffin iMarker pair up for coloring time

When Griffin and Crayola announced their collaboration back at CES in January, the idea of a combined stylus and drawing/painting iPad app for kids -- with the power to distinguish between finger touches and the tip of the stylus -- sounded fantastic. The flexibility of the iPad for keeping kid...

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Papershow for Teachers introduced at Macworld 2011

Papershow made a big splash last year at Macworld during its introduction, and since then has apparently sold fairly well in business circles (the product is now being sold in Staples as well). This year, Papershow is introducing a new edition styled for education applications, called Papershow f...

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TUAW Back-to-School Giveaway Day Seven: White Apple Pen

Before you fill out that employment application you're going to need a pen. This might not be the iPen, but it is a white Apple logo pen from the Cupertino store. There's really not much more to say, is there? It's a pen. It's white. It has an Apple logo. Thus, we shall give one away. Oh, and anothe...

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TUAW Back-to-School Giveaway Day Three

Today's prize: a pen in black with the Apple logo. Whatever you do, don't make notes on your iPhone with this thing. Use it with the meatspace Stickies app you can find at your local office supply store. To sweeten the pot we've got a clever t-shirt of your choice from Insanely Great Tees and a myst...

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