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Apple tops media impact rankings in Q2

While we tend to hold Apple's feet to the fire on issues with their otherwise stellar products, the world at large sees a glossy coat of scratch-resistant awesome all over the Cupertino brand. According to General Sentiment (a media measurement firm somewhat obviously named), Apple was not only disc...

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Eye Illusions app will fool you over and over again

I have to admit it. I just love optical illusions. I remember buying books full of them when I was a kid, and sharing them with anyone I could find. Now, an incredibly complete collection of illusions called Eye Illusions has come to the iPhone and the iPad. For this review I've tested the iPhone...

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Computerworld on why Macs are worthy for the enterprise

Even the most rabid fan of Apple has to concede that the company doesn't pitch very aggressively to the enterprise customer. The Xserve typically doesn't get any time in the spotlight - not even at WWDC - and Apple doesn't exactly build a super low-end Mac that's ripe for squeezing Dell out of the m...

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