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Hands-on with the OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Dual mini SSD

When I think of RAID, I usually envision a large box full of whirring drives installed in a rack, not a quiet little box that I can connect to a MacBook. Thanks to Other World Computing, the way I visualize RAID will have to change. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the term RAID, it st...

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iHealth, Withings both launch iPhone-connected blood pressure monitors

There are lots of solid therapeutic approaches to treating hypertension (high blood pressure), and they range in cost and complexity all the way from free and easy up to expensive and elaborate. While it might cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat a heart attack, it's much simpler ...

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Have some Black Walnut with your Apple Wireless Keyboard

Personally, I consider Apple's Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard to be one of the sexiest input devices around. I've even replaced my Logitech DiNovo Edge (you may recall seeing it before) with one. Now, Combine Collective has upped the ante with a peripheral for your peripheral, which -- in the right sur...

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TUAW Review and Giveaway: Twelve South BassJump subwoofer for MacBook

It's no secret that I am an unabashed fanboy of Mac accessory design firm Twelve South. Their BackPack for the iMac and Apple Cinema Display is sleek and utilitarian, and the BookArc is a stylish way to stash that MacBook Pro when you want to use it with the cover closed. So it was with a great deal...

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TUAW First Look: Nike+iPod on your iPhone 3GS

When the second generation of iPod touch was announced, one slide on the presentation included built-in support for the Nike+iPod sensor. The cool thing was that you no longer needed the unsightly dongle hanging off your device. The touch just "sees" the Nike sensor and you could add it to the devic...

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Sonnet FireWire dongle gives your MacBook Pro the gift of FW400

When Steve Jobs announced the new MacBook Pros, Apple received a lot of criticism for excluding a FireWire 400 port, despite the addition of FireWire 800. While most people were sitting around and griping, one company actually did something to reconcile the situation. Sonnet has created a dongle th...

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