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Saving iPhone applications inside data URLs

This is really basically the same theory as the iPhone bookmarklets Mat posted earlier (squeezing content into a URL), but it's a little less about function and a little more about storage. Currently, the iPhone doesn't allow you to save actual files locally, but it does allow you save URLs, so the ...

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Platypus: create Mac applications from Ruby, Perl, shell scripts, etc.

MacResearch has posted a nice two part tutorial on using Platypus, a neat utility that allows you to "create native, flawlessly integrated Mac OS X applications from interpreted scripts." This include shell scripts, Perl, Ruby, Python, etc. With Platypus you can turn command-line only tools into ful...

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Apple TV Perl plugin

Earlier we posted about a couple of cool drop-in plugins for the Apple TV. However, somebody we know around here was busy over the weekend and has hacked up a more user extensible plugin for the Apple TV that lets you run a perl script from the Apple TV interface. As Erica notes, many folks know ho...

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Access Gmail through IMAP in Mail.app

Hawk Wings is at it again, and this time Tim Gaden has tracked down a method for using Gmail with IMAP in Mail.app. It might not be pretty - it's a Perl module that needs a little bit of finagling - but it apparently works. I can't even begin to fake that I know a lick about Perl, so I'm just going ...

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Switch iTMS countries via the command line

I think we can file this one under 'Just because I can.' Erica Sadun has written a perl script that allows you to change your currently selected country in the iTunes Music Store. Both iTunes and Safari have to be open for this script to function. If you aren't a Terminal jockey you can just pop ope...

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