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Dropbox Pro changes increase storage to 1TB at the same price

Perhaps the most useful utility on all of my Apple devices is Dropbox, which makes sharing data between all of those various and sundry devices a literal no-brainer. Until today, Dropbox users with a Dropbox Pro account paid US$99.99 a year for a rather paltry 100 GB of storage. That sounds like a...

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Everything you need to know about Repairing Permissions (and more)

The 'Repair Permissions' function of Disk Utility has been under quite a bit of speculation as of late. There are those in one camp, such as John Gruber of Daring Fireball, who believe repairing (restoring, resetting, etc.) permissions is not much more than voodoo, while others in the support end of...

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Apple's 'Quick Assist' support document edited, drops permissions repair and 'restart just because' tips

Remember that 'Mac Maintenance Quick Assist' Apple Support document we found that seemed to be aimed at those new to Macs and computers in general? You know, the one that recommended fundamentals like dusting your computer and using file names that actually mean something? Well, John Gruber today fo...

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Maintenance 3.5 released

Maintenance, the Automator action that performs many system repair and clean-up tasks, has been updated to version 3.5. New features include: Ability to automatically restart after Maintenance has run Ability to automatically view the results file Time stamp added to results file Also, for ...

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Maintenance 3.3 released

Maintenance, the ever-handy Automator action (and applescript for those without Tiger) that runs a variety of, well, maintenance tasks in one fell swoop, has been updated to version 3.3. It isn't a massive update, save for two new options: Update Locate Database and Update Whatis Database. As usuall...

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I know I shouldn't, but

You're a good little Mac user. You back up your files. You repair your permissions. You install the latest updates. But, there's that one bad habit you maintain that isn't in accordance with your regular behavior. Maybe you don't back up regularly, or you've shut down your Mac by just yanking out th...

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My iMac Core Duo's odd behavior

There are a few odd behaviors on my new iMac Core Duo that keep reappearing. One of the most noticeable has been a switch of the ColorSync profile of the machine to a non-native profile, followed by a complete inability to change the profile back or to create a new profile. I don't know if everyone ...

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Maintenance 3.2, now with non-Tiger goodness

It's no secret that we TUAW bloggers love Maintenance, the Automator app that runs a whole slew of maintenance and cleanup tasks. Some of these tasks are designed to be automatically run late at night by OS X, but unless you leave your Mac running 24/7 or you're crazy like me and you're simply up ti...

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