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Reverb: A unique personalized news tool for iOS

Personalization is the Holy Grail for news apps. Give the app an idea of what you want to hear about, and let it learn over time so that your news reading is always relevant. Reverb (free) bills itself as a personalized news discovery app. You can get an overview of the latest news, and the app "tu...

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I searched for all 74 of the stickers in Apple's new ad so you don't have to

Putting stickers on your MacBook is cool. I know this because the majority of you told me you're totally cool with it in a recent poll. Oh, and also because Apple just ran a TV ad showing just how amazing your MacBook can look with a little bit of vinyl applied. If you saw something you liked on ...

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News360 for iPad more competitive with a major update

I took a look at the free iOS app News360 more than a year ago and found it interesting and useful. The idea behind the app was to show you lots of different takes on a story, so you could see the subject covered from many different points of view. A new iPad version features a revamped interfa...

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Zite adds NFL category to bring you personalized football news

You might have, ahem, noticed, it's football season. Users of the free personal news app Zite now can add their favorite teams and Zite will deliver personalized pigskin stories. Zite is my favorite iPad news discovery app, and this NFL category is going to be just what rabid football fans want...

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Zite for iPad gets a new version and a new CEO

In previous reviews, I've said Zite is my favorite way to get the latest news on the variety of subjects I follow, and unlike more traditional RSS feed readers, Zite lets me discover stories from websites I would never have seen. Zite pushed out an update yesterday with an in-app browser, perfo...

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Hey! Lego my Apple!!

No, I'm not talking about any of these Lego Mac mods, A relatively new startup called MacSlaps brings us some personalization goodness in the form of custom vinyl stickers for your MacBook and MacBook Pro. Using stickers (or even laser engraving) to customize your MacBook is nothing new, but what...

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