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Dijit's NextGuide finally gets personalized TV and streaming video guides right

Part of the difficulty Apple is going to have with any next-generation, disruptive Apple TV product is corralling all the stakeholders, rights owners and interested parties. Luckily there are already other solutions for finding, watching and saving video on TV or via streaming services. Enter N...

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Apple now offering iPad engraving

If you've ever wished you could put a personalized message on the back of an iPad like you can with an iPod, you're in luck: Apple has unveiled free engraving for the iPad just in time for the holiday season. Free, as in $0: for no additional cost, you can add a laser-engraved message onto a new iP...

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Put yourself in the picture with PixyMe

Do you remember the personalized movies that had been showing up in your email a while back? The one that sticks in my mind was a 'get out the vote' video the Obama campaign sent out a month before the presidential election. The story told by the video was that Obama lost by just one vote and it was...

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iPod: personalizing isolation

Many pundits (read 'luddites') fear that the proliferation of iPod toting folks is isolating people from group experiences that define our culture as a whole. Katherine Mangu-Ward, writing for Reason Magazine, argues that this fear has been around since the dawn of the Walkman, and we seem to be do...

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