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Tractive uses GPS to track your pets

Most dogs and outdoor cats like to wander when they are left outside. Cats, especially, will disappear for the day on some adventure in your neighborhood. If you are concerned or curious about their travels, an upcoming product called Tractive will let you see where they go when they meander ...

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DeskPets' CarBot is a little iOS-controlled car

The Parrot Quadricopter is probably the coolest thing you can control with your iPhone, but not all of us are willing to shell out $300 for a fully equipped airborne vehicle. For the rest of us, however, a company named DeskPets has released CarBot, a much more affordable (under $30) little fou...

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iPod-compatible Pet Carrier

Did the Lifepop Stereo Pet Carrier really "steal the spotlight" at the Oscars? Unless you believe those wacky PR dudes (and who would?), probably not but it's a pretty cool iPod-compatible accessory. You can use it to carry around your pooch as he or she rocks out to your music, or whimpers in abjec...

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