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This dog has no patience for your stupid iPad games

Everyone's gotten a little bit heated over a rough game of Candy Crush Saga, but if you think your iOS gaming temper is bad then you've never met Violet. Violet is a greyhound that loves her iPad, but doesn't take kindly to being bested by a game that's made for cats. As you can see in the video b...

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Stay adorably in tempo with Petronome

Petronome is a free app that offers itself as a standard metronome with animal noises instead of the typical click sounds. This app seems to target children studying music because the noises are very playful. The incentive to download this app as a parent would be to make music practice more excit...

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Five apps that'll help dog lovers care for their four-legged friends

It's new pet season for the staff at TUAW with both Editor-In-Chief Victor Agreda, Jr. and fellow editor Steve Sande both welcoming new kittens into their homes. Lest the dog-friendly folk be worried about us being overrun with cats, I am happy to say that we have balanced the scale with a new 9-w...

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Whistle is like Fitbit for your dog

Whistle is a Fitbit for your dog, and more. This unobtrusive, durable and waterproof device attaches to Spot's collar and records data on his activities, day or night. Gather precious information for your vet, track progress towards fitness goals, view peaks and valleys in activity and even share ph...

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The 12 Days of iMas, Day 8: An iPad your dog can really sink its teeth into

Today is the eighth day of a 12-day feature where we'll show you the strangest Apple-flavored gifts we can find. Check out the previous days here: Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Day 8: Who needs an iPad when you can have an iPawd? Normally, if man's best friend gets his mighty jaws around your price...

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Petcube will let you play with your furry friend via iOS app

"Pet parents" who go into full guilt mode when they're away from home and the pooch or cat is all alone will soon have a way to keep their favorite animal companion happy. Petcube is a Kickstarter project that just reached its initial funding goal (hence we're writing about it) and is now looking ...

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We now live in a world with two pet-based social networking apps

I love my cats, and I take photos of them frequently and with reckless abandon. That said, I'm not entirely sure I need more than one specialized app just for sharing photos of Nibbler and Cinnamon (don't judge me). Regardless, a couple of months after the iOS version of Peterest hit the scene, we n...

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Daily iPad App: Peterest is Pinterest for your pets

What do people most use the internet for? Corresponding with loved ones? Reading news? Buying useless things on eBay? None of the above. The correct answer, of course, is to look at pictures of adorable animals. The creators of the website Peterest -- and its new iOS companion app - have clearly s...

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SpotLite GPS lets you find your dog with an iPhone

Earlier this month we pointed out the SpotLite 2.0 GPS tracking device by Securus, Inc. that helps you locate and find your pet. The durable, waterproof device offers 24-hour, real-time tracking or your favorite canine. SpotLite 2.0 is even backed by the American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recov...

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5 apps for the lemur owner

Sometimes a wiseacre editor (we have a few) suggests we do a Five Apps post for a particularly offbeat area of interest. And sometimes we actually start brainstorming these. "Five Apps for the Lemur Owner" has been on our "to hit" list for ages now. The problem is we're not entirely sure we can...

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TUAW's Daily App: Pocket Creatures

I got to play with Pocket Creatures back at GDC earlier this year, and the app is now out in the App Store. The game turned out well -- you oversee a tiny creature with various needs and attitudes, placed on a small tropical island full of various things to find and combine and play with. The game ...

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New Apple ads for pet lovers, travelers

Apple has released two more iPhone ads: "Backpacker" and "Dog Lover." "Dog Lover" (seen after the break) explores a family adopting a dog and keeping track of it, demonstrating the following apps: Petfinder (free) Facebook (free) Hey Walkies (free) iCam ($4.99 USD) Note that Petfinder can...

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Keep track of your dogcow with Clarus

We've talked about pet management software before on TUAW. It's software that allows you to keep track of important information about your companion animals, including when the next vet appointment is, what medications they're taking, names and addresses for vets, groomers, and more. Clarus 1.0 is ...

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First Look: Fluffy's Log 2.0.1

In keeping with the theme of light-hearted posts this weekend, I present to you: Fluffy's Log! Fluffy's Log is Mac OS X pet management software from Shallot Patch Software. What's pet management software? Well, if your pet has been to the vet as many times as Ruby (above) has lately, you want to ...

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Aspyr (not EA) releases Sims Pet Stories for Mac

Good news for you Sims completists out there (or anyone with a daughter on a MacBook): Aspyr Media has released Sims Pet Stories, the standalone Sims Pets game that lets you train, play with, and care for cats and dogs destined for the Pet Show. The reviews aren't exactly shining, but according to t...

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