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Tag: philadelphia

Augmented reality iPad app enhances Philadelphia Inquirer

The Philadelphia Inquirer is working with Augmented Reality specialists Aurasma to provide an enhanced version of their newspaper says a report in ITworld. The project would allow people to launch a custom iPad app built by Aurasma that would show animations, video and audio when it's pointed i...

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Two new Apple retail stores opening this weekend

Apple is on track to open a raft of stores around the world, having largely rolled out the stores it needs in the USA. Still, some cities need extra capacity, so the retail gods in Cupertino have seen fit to bestow upon us two more stores this weekend and another later this month. Macsimum News...

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First Apple Store set to open in Philadelphia

Last night Philadelphia's baseball fans had something to cheer about, and soon her Apple fans will, too. After years of waiting, an Apple Store is finally set to open within the city itself at 1607 Walnut Street. Probably. It's not set in stone yet, as the proposed design is yet to go before t...

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Rumor: Philadelphia's first Apple Store in the works

A few of the rumor sites are reporting that an Apple Store is finally in the works for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It seems strange to me that a major city like Philadelphia would be without an Apple Store, but what do I know about marketing? MacNN credits an undisclosed source as reporting that App...

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Philly's new Mayor doesn't want an iPhone

Last year the Mayor of Philadelphia, the city that I call home, made headlines for waiting outside an AT&T store to get one of the first iPhones. There is a new Mayor in town, Michael Nutter, and he has no interest in the iPhone. Mayor Nutter said, "I'm not an iPhone guy. I use a Blackberry. I u...

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iSepta gives iPhone users Philly transit insight

iSepta, a new iPhone friendly site, has a limited audience, but to that audience (of which I am a member) it's a game changer. As I've mentioned once or twice here on TUAW, I'm a proud Philadelphia resident. As such I find myself using public transportation fairly frequently, which means I am forced...

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New Jersey Apple Store ready to open

Doesn't "Cherry Hill" sound lovely? It will sound even sweeter for Cherry Hill, New Jersey-based Apple fans this weekend when a new Apple Store opens on Route 38, next to A|X Armani Exchange and M•A•C Cosmetics (that's right, a Mac store next to a MAC store). The doors will open at 10:00 A...

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TUAW gathering before Woz's talk tomorrow in Philly

There was enough interest in meeting up with TUAW readers at tomorrow's Woz event, that it is a go. Why don't we meet in front of the main entrance of the Free Library (19th and Vine) at 1pm tomorrow, Saturday September 30th. I'll be the guy who looks exactly like this (and I'll be sporting that ver...

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