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Apple improves iOS OS X integration with iMessage, Hotspot, and sharing upgrades

It just got a lot harder to say you missed a phone call thanks to Apple. At the WWDC 2014 keynote, Craig Federighi announced a few major changes to the way iOS integrates with OS X. First off you can now use your iOS device remotely from your OS X device. This includes SMS messaging and phone call...

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iOS 7: phone call changes

Your iPhone does so much cool stuff, especially now that it's running iOS 7, that it's easy to overlook the device's primary function: it's a phone! Apple's latest mobile operating system brings significant cosmetic and functional changes to the Phone app. Here's what you can expect when placing and...

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Researchers easily crack iOS-generated Hotspot passwords

When you enable the Personal Hotspot feature on your iPhone, iOS will generate a password on your behalf. It's convenient, but recent research from FAU in Germany suggests it is not very secure. According to researchers Andreas Kurtz, Felix Freiling and Daniel Metz, the default hotspot password i...

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Viber expands its VoIP service with new OS X app

Viber is a voice-over-internet app that's seen some success on iOS already, but today the company announced a brand-new version for both OS X and Windows. Viber Desktop has all of the features of the iOS app, including free messages and calls to other users, synced contacts and history between t...

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Turn your iPhone into a satellite phone with SatSleeve

So, you've got your iPhone with you, but you're stuck in the middle of the Indian Ocean or on top of Everest? [Turns out that you can make iPhone calls from Everest. –Ed.] Fear no more -- the SatSleeve from Thuraya will magically transform your iPhone into a satellite phone. The sleeve, ...

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In China, virtual stores may go one step more virtual

I love the concept of virtual stores. You whip out your phone and order merchandise for home delivery, typically using QR codes. We first saw these pop up when Tesco launched one in the South Korea subways. They appeared in the Prague subway system, in Sweden's Jetshop and with Toys R Us' mob...

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Phone Halo shows off the Cobra Tag and more at WWDC 2012

We talked about Phone Halo a couple of years ago, when the accessory company was making its own product: A little tracking tag that connected up to your keys or anything else you wanted to hang on to and used a free iPhone app to alert you whenever you needed to find them or whenever they wande...

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Phone app in iOS 6 gets additional answering options, adds Do Not Disturb

As of today, anyone with an iPhone who gets a call on it (weird, I know, but it happens) has two options: Answer, or Decline. Part of the WWDC iOS announcements today for iOS 6 include a revamped Phone app that offers more ways to "answer" a call. Plus, if you are completely indisposed, you can...

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Stolen iPhone photos unwittingly posted by Disney cruise ship employee

"This is Nelson," says iPhone owner Katy McCaffrey of the picture above, posted on her Facebook. "Nelson has my stolen iPhone." McCaffrey took her iPhone on a Disney Cruise back in April, where the phone was either misplaced or stolen. But it's been found, now. Photo Stream was still running, a...

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Line2 updated to add MMS support within its network

Line2 has an interesting premise - it lets you add a second phone number to your iPhone and turns your iPad or iPod touch into a VoIP phone. The company announced on Monday that it's sweetening its service by adding picture and location support for iOS devices. If your device runs iOS 5.0 or ...

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Roccat introduces Power-Grid, a PC game controller iPhone

I first saw Roccat's Power-Grid, announced today, back at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The German-based PC accessory company first showed me its top-of-the-line keyboards and mice (customizable, wonderfully designed), and then asked if I wanted to see something really special. They swore m...

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How Line2 accidentally disrupted the phone industry

Last week at CES 2012, I met up with Line2 CEO Peter Sisson; he is a man who's done a lot of butting heads with big companies over what started off as a pretty simple proposition. Line2's basic concept was to create a second line (for business or personal calls) on your iPhone. Sisson's origina...

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Video App Demo: WhitePages

If you're over a certain age and live in the USA you may remember the days when giant books filled with addresses and phone numbers were thrown at your house each year by Ma Bell. Unlike countries elsewhere, such as France, where computers took over the task of finding phone numbers before cell p...

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33% of iPhone owners think their phones already have 4G service

With Verizon rolling out its advanced 4G LTE network, and AT&T deploying a similar 4G system, you'd think that these faster 4G services would be something iPhone owners are clamoring for. Not true, at least according to a survey from Retrevo. The consumer research firm says that 1/3 of iP...

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Turn an iPod touch into an iPhone with its own packaging

Here's a nice bit of ingenuity. Lifehacker reader Kevin explains how he used a VoIP app (Viber and Line 2 are two nice options) with his iPod's packaging and earbud speakers to create a DIY handset. After smoothing the edges of the plastic backing and wearing a groove to hold the earbud wire, Kev...

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