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Dutch court bans sale of some Samsung products

According to an IDG news service report published by Computer World, a Dutch court has banned the sales of Samsung Galaxy products that infringe on an Apple patent. The patent in this case describes a method for scrolling through a photo gallery on a touchscreen device. The ban applies to Galax...

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Apple wins German photo gallery lawsuit against Motorola

Apple won a significant legal victory when a German court ruled that Motorola Mobility violates patent EP2059868, says a report at FOSS Patents. The patent details a "portable electronic device for photo management" and covers the photo gallery implementation used by Motorola on its mobile devices....

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Apple shows off iPhone 4S camera with new gallery

The 8 MP camera is one of several new hardware features present in the iPhone 4S. It's a significant upgrade that'll entice many shutterbugs to drop their current phone and switch to Apple's latest handset. If you are on the fence or are just interested in seeing how the 4S camera performs...

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Shutterbug receives major overhaul

Shutterbug by xtralean software allows you to make online photo galleries (and more) easily. Construction is drag-and-drop simple and the supplied templates don't scream "I'm using a default template!" Alternatively, if you're the type that likes to design things yourself, you can do that ...

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Handy iWeb tip on the .Mac blog

I believe I've found the perfect use for iWeb. I've used it to create a family site for all of my far-flung relatives. They couldn't care less about trackback pings, comments, validation or any of that stuff. They just want to see cute pictures and videos of the kids, and I want to spend as little t...

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