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Tag: photo sharing

Shoutout takes on Snapchat with a much better design

Shoutout is a free app for iPhone entering the App Store this past September that strives to make photo sharing as simple as possible without all the bells and whistles some apps seem to tack on. In fact, it's so quick that Shoutout lacks a shutter button. The moment you tap a friend's name, the ...

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Facebook launches shared albums, officially making Cluster obsolete

Last week I wrote an article about how pointless the recently released photo-sharing app Cluster -- which raised a ridiculous US$1.6 million in funding -- is, given that the vast majority of its features are already mimicked on more popular services, including Facebook. Today, in an interview with...

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Do we really need yet another photo sharing app? No, we do not

Yesterday, photo-sharing app Cluster announced it had scored US$1.6 million in seed funding from a variety of parties, including Instagram investor Steve Anderson. Cluster v1.0 also hit the App Store yesterday, and as it swims in a sea of "me too" photography apps, you have to ask yourself: What's t...

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Imgur CEO hopes official iPhone app will launch in a few weeks

Chances are that you've stumbled upon photos on Imgur before, even if you're not familiar with the site itself. Imgur is an extremely popular and free photo-sharing site that quickly grew in popularity thanks to social media sites like Reddit. It also helps that the site, which now generates upwards...

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Google's Photovine goes live with its photo sharing app

Photovine is Google's latest iOS app and it's best described as a photo-sharing app with a public twist. Unlike Instagram which lets you share your stylized mobile photos with your friends and followers, Photovine ditches the filters and has a much more public slant. You publish your photo wi...

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Twitter to have systemwide integration in iOS 5?

TechCrunch reports that Twitter is on the verge of launching its own photo-sharing service in direct competition with existing services like TwitPic and yFrog. The big news for iOS device users is this service might have system-level integration in iOS 5. According to TechCrunch, the site has hear...

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CrowdOptic could raise the bar for augmented reality apps

Augmented reality may be taking the next giant step forward with CrowdOptic, an app that will provide a graphic data overlay for live events. If you are at a concert (with the system in place), point the app at the stage and you'll get details like those in the picture above. Point it at a play...

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Photo Stream feature hints found in iOS 4.3

Possible confirmation of a Photo Stream service in iOS 5 has come after users spotted hidden references to the service inside the current version, iOS 4.3. We wrote about it a while ago here, but now a 9to5Mac reader has come across it while using a third-party app to browse his iPhone 4 photo alb...

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Apple updates Gallery for iPhone 4, iPad version still AWOL

Apple has pushed out a new version of MobileMe Gallery, a free app for people who post pictures to the MobileMe service and want to access them on their iPhone or mail them to friends. Apple says the app now has higher resolution images on an iPhone 4 when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Apple also...

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Boo Hoo! SimplifyMedia dropping products and changing direction

The problem is, we just don't know where they're going. In a Saturday blog post, the company announced it is "...taking a new direction" and won't be offering their current apps to new users. SimplifyMedia has been offering free software for computer-to-computer and iPhone-to-computer music shari...

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