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Tag: photo-editing

Camu is a unique way to take and edit your photos and videos

After reviewing hundreds of camera apps it's hard to not get jaded. They are often endless variations on a theme, all doing the work of shooting and editing OK, but not bringing much new to the game. Camu (free) hits the ground with a fresh approach and some new features. For example, its filters...

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ThisLife wants to store and manage all your photos

ThisLife is an intriguing and capable photo system from the folks at Shutterfly. It's been in beta for a long time, and we last took a look 2 years ago when the service was by invitation only. ThisLife is an end-to-end photo manager. It gathers photos from your local computer, cell phones, tablets,...

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Effects Studio for iOS takes photo effects to the max

There are so many apps for editing and adding special effects that it's pretty hard to keep track of them all. I've reviewed so many that they can become a misty blur. Effects Studio (US$0.99) takes adding effects to your photos way beyond where most apps go but still manages to offer the basics, so...

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Truefilm: Capable photo editor for iOS with unique features

I am always on the prowl for something a little different in a photo editor, and Truefilm (US$0.99) meets the requirements with a comprehensive suite of tools at a low price. The emphasis in this app is on making changes quickly and having a complete ability to go back and try things again. ...

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TruHDR adds a Mac app after success on iOS

TruHDR is a really nice HDR (High Dynamic Range photography) app that has been around a long time for iOS. It improves on Apple's built-in implementation that lets you take pictures with much better dynamic range than a single shot can provide by using an algorithm to combine three photos taken at...

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Blue Sky for iOS lets you visualize clearer air

Blue Sky is a free iOS app coming out of China, where skies are often gray and air pollution is often out of control. Of course, China isn't alone with that problem. Blue Sky is sponsored by the World Wildlife Federation and an advertising agency, Ogilvy and Mather, based in New York and...

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Adobe releases Lightroom Mobile for iPad today

Lots of Adobe pro users and serious photographers will be thrilled with this news: as of today, you can download Lightroom Mobile for iPad from the iOS App Store. It syncs with Lightroom on your desktop or laptop, and while not meant to be a replacement for the Mac app, it does allow photographers...

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Prism for iOS is a new unique filter based editor for your photos

Prism (U.S. $2.99) takes a unique spin on applying photo filters. You load an image, and the app checks to see what colors make up your photo. It then displays a filter wheel, and as you move around the outer edge and explore the central parts of the wheel you will see a variety of effects. Some are...

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Bazaart for iOS can help you make some memorable photo collages

When I think of collages, I think of apps that allow me to arrange individual photos into a new composition. Bazaart (free) does something else. You can take individual elements from photos and make a new photo from those parts. Usually, this is very difficult because removing an element from a...

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Photo Grid Collage Maker is capable and free

Photo Grid is a free (ad supported) app with lots of options for creating collages, as well as video slide shows accompanied by music. You can select the aspect ratio for the photos, and choose from more than 300 layouts. The layouts that appear depend upon how many photos you have. You can also...

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Almighty Photo is a slick photo album and editor for iOS

I originally thought Almighty Photo (US$2.99) was another me-too photo editor, but quickly saw that the app was much more than that. It's an innovative and powerful approach to photo management and editing. The app is designed to browse and organize your photo libraries. It never touches the...

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Prettify makes your photos prettier with a couple of clicks

There are two types of iOS photo editors: the type that lets you fiddle and adjust images in very precise increments, and the other type that provides a way to enhance your photos with a minimum of clicks. Prettify (free with some in-app options) belongs to the latter category, and it does its job...

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The Phoenix Photo Editor is a quick and powerful app for iPhone

The Phoenix Photo Editor joins a crowded field of photo editors for iOS, but it's free and has a wide selection of features. Of course the app has the usual filters and tools for cropping and saturation. It also adds high-end features like lighting effects, vignettes, selective blur and a nice...

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Perfectly Clear for iOS corrects your photos with a tap or two

Almost every owner of an iPhone is taking pictures all the time, but most of us won't take the time to improve them after the fact. Apple provides some rudimentary tools for editing, and there are tools ranging from quick-and-easy to almost Photoshop-like in their power and complexity. I'll put...

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Review: Focus 2 for Mac is a worthwhile app for non-Photoshop users

Focus 2 (US$ 11.99) is a useful Mac photography app that probably does the opposite of what you might think from its name. The app isn't designed to focus your images, but rather de-focus them so you can direct the eye to the portions of the photo that are really important. The app simulates what...

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