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iOS 8 Camera app: Photo filters and editing

Today I'm here with another look at changes to the iOS Camera and Photos apps that will be coming your way when iOS 8 is released later this month. Photo filters have changed the least of most of the features in the iOS photography apps. When you edit a photo in the Photos app there are still eight...

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Camu is a unique way to take and edit your photos and videos

After reviewing hundreds of camera apps it's hard to not get jaded. They are often endless variations on a theme, all doing the work of shooting and editing OK, but not bringing much new to the game. Camu (free) hits the ground with a fresh approach and some new features. For example, its filters c...

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Effects Studio for iOS takes photo effects to the max

There are so many apps for editing and adding special effects that it's pretty hard to keep track of them all. I've reviewed so many that they can become a misty blur. Effects Studio (US$0.99) takes adding effects to your photos way beyond where most apps go but still manages to offer the basics, so...

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GlassCamera for iOS lets you take photos through customized lenses

GlassCamera (US$0.99) gives you the ability to shoot your photos and movies through a variety of simulated glass lenses. It's sort of like imaging through church windows or distorted glass. The app provides 21 glass lenses, and each has a slider control you can use to change the degree of distorti...

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