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Tag: photo-sharing

Fototwics is a well thought out photo sharing tool

Fototwics (free) is a photo sharing app that joins a crowded field with offerings from titans like Apple, Facebook and Instagram. The difference is that Fototwics is not a filter or photo altering app, but just a way to share your photos privately or publicly. For public sharing you can add hashtag...

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OKDOTHIS is a motivating tool for your photographer instincts

OKDOTHIS (Ok, do this) is a clever, free app designed to create a community around ideas or photography. It joins the ranks of other photographic communities like Instagram or Flickr, but OKDOTHIS is designed to inspire as well as share. The app introduces the concept of 'Do's', which are photo ass...

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Fotos for iOS does some things Apple left out

Fotos is a free iPhone app that catalogs your camera roll and albums and lets you add names to your images, making them easily searchable. It seems pretty basic, but Apple really doesn't allow you to name or rename images in the iOS version of iPhoto, which is a shame. "IMG_3561" just isn't that hel...

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The Mobi EyeFi card turns almost any digital camera into a digital hub

One of the things that keeps me coming back to the iPhone for photography the ease of sharing photos. The Mobi EyeFi wireless memory card brings a similar experience to almost every digital camera. Basically it's an SD card with a WiFi chipset. Just put it in your camera, set up your Mac, PC or iDe...

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Daily App: Spheres for iOS is a new way to share photos with family and friends

Spheres is a clever take on photo sharing from iOS devices. Open the app and take a picture, or load one from your camera roll. The picture goes to the cloud, and people that you assign to a group -- called a 'Sphere' -- will receive the photos without having to do anything if they are also running ...

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Reactr for iOS lets you share a photo or video and get a quick reaction

Reactr (free) is a clever and just-released app that lets you get a reaction to a photo or image you've shared with a friend. Often, we send out what we think is the world's greatest pic, then get nothing from silence from our friends on the other end. With Reactr, you take a photo or video or grab...

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letZi for iOS is a unique group photo viewer

I remember the old days when a group of us would pass around paper photo prints to oooh and aaah over. The digital age has replaced that quaint ritual for many of us, because we zip photos around by email, MMS or a variety of social services. Now there's a new twist with an app called letZi ("let...

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Viewfinder for iOS is a unique way to share photos and memories

Viewfinder (free, with some in-app purchase options) is a bit like the Photo app in iOS, but on steroids. With your permission, It takes your image library and arranges it by time and location. All photos remain private and only you can see them unless you choose to share them. Nothing is uploaded...

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Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 billion

Facebook confirmed on its website that it has reached an agreement to purchase Instagram. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says, "I'm excited to share the news that we've agreed to acquire Instagram and that their talented team will be joining Facebook." The release says the photo-sharing app dev...

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Facebook prepping a photo-sharing app for the iPhone

Leaked information provided to TechCrunch suggests Facebook is prepping a photo-sharing app for the iPhone. From the description, the app is a mixture of Instagram with some of the location information and social sharing of Path and Color. A few surprises are also supposedly thrown into the mix...

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