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Tag: photoediting

Perfectly Clear migrates from iOS to Mac

I first got a look at Perfectly Clear when it came out for iOS. It was a nice, quick and easy, one-touch solution for improving photos without a lot of editing pain. Perfectly Clear now works on the Mac as a plug-in for Photoshop or Lightroom and maintains the same philosophy it did on iOS -- o...

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Pixlr releases a powerful free desktop photo editor for Mac

Pixlr by Autodesk has built its reputation on providing high-powered photo editing online for free. While it offers advanced tools for a small yearly cost -- US$2 a month or $15 a year -- the basic online editor provides plenty of power for your average editing needs. Now the service is offering u...

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Weekend App: Handy Photo Free is a capable iOS image editor with a couple of unique features

Ah, another iOS image editor review. There are so many available in the App Store, with lots of overlapping functions. Cropping, filters, frames ... one could get lost. Handy Photo Free has all these features, but it's the unique features that make it worthy of note. First and foremost, the Move Me...

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Turning mugshots into models: We have some fun with Facetune

Facetune is currently one of the most popular purchases on the App Store, due in no small part to its ability to drastically alter your selfies. You can tweak just about every aspect of your portraits, from smoothing skin textures to tweaking tones; you can even go as far as altering the shape of ...

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Daily iPhone App: ProCollage is an easy and powerful photo utility for iOS

ProCollage (US$1.99) is a very nicely done app for creating photo collages on any iOS device. After you grant access to your camera roll, PhotoCollage lets you select multiple images and use pre-defined templates. Don't care for those templates? No problem, it lets you use a free-form approach as ...

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Yahoo! acquires GhostBird Software, apps pulled from App Store

GhostBird Software is known for its KitCam camera app and PhotoForge, an image editing app that first hit the App Store in 2009. Late Wednesday afternoon, the Canadian company announced that it is closing its doors and joining the Flickr team at Yahoo! GhostBird's website is now just a placeholde...

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Daily iPad App: Gradients is a free iOS photo editor that is worth a look

I'm always on the lookout for free photo apps that do a good job, and Gradients for the iPad or iPhone (free, universal) fits the bill. The app lets you add gradients to existing photos with almost infinite variations and control. I often create gradients in Photoshop, especially to tone down the ...

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Perspective Correct is a nifty photo utility for your iPhone

Many of the photos we take have perspective problems, but there are not too many utilities for iOS that deal with it. The iPhone has a fairly wide-angle lens, and as a result, pictures of city buildings, landscapes with lots of trees, almost anything with vertical lines can need some perspectiv...

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PopAGraph is a clever iOS photo app that gives your photos some 'pop'.

PopAGraph is a free iOS app that lets you mask off something in a photo, then create a reduced size frame that lets the object pop put of the frame boundaries. It can give your photos a unique look, and it's something I haven't seen before in an iPhone app. To make it work you select somethin...

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Pixies for iOS helps you create novelty photos

Pixies-Fun with Photos is a nice twist on regular photo-editing apps. The free app lets you take a picture, then add some graphics (objects, animals, symbols etc) so you can share the augmented whimsical results with family and friends. The developers have also partnered with Zazzle so you ca...

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Repix lets you remix and paint your photos on iOS

I'm amazed at the variety of photo editors available for the iPhone and iPad. Many are "me too" apps that don't offer many unique features, but Repix (free) offers a fresh idea. It can help you create some very artistic photos with only a little effort, even if you aren't the most creative phot...

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Photo Shaper for iOS is a nice way to create a memorable portrait

There aren't a lot of apps that specialize in portraits, but Photo Shaper (on sale for US$1.99 on the App Store) does just that. The app is simplicity itself. Take a photo using the camera controls in the app, or grab something from your Camera Roll. The app mattes a circle around the photo, an...

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Pixelmator's Shapes interface coming soon

Pixelmator is one of my favorite apps on the Mac -- I've been following it for a long time, and whenever I want to do any photo editing beyond a quick resize (and sometimes even when I want to do that), I click the Pixelmator icon in my Dock. This week at Macworld/iWorld 2013, Pixelmator's Ausr...

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Over HD for iOS puts beautiful typography over your photos

There are lots of apps that let you add text to your photos. Over HD (US$1.99, but currently on sale for 50 percent off) does it with grace and style. Pick or take a photo, open it in Over and add your text. The font choices are very artistic, not just the standard off-the-shelf variety. You ca...

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LensFlare Studio is a first rate photo effects package for OS X

LensFlare Studio is a new Mac application with origins in iOS. Specifically, the US$0.99 LensFlare app from Brainfever Media. Typically, we see apps go the other way, from the Mac OS X platform to iOS. This time, the result is an interesting app with much more power. LensFlare Studio ($19.99) ...

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