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Daily iPhone App: PhotoMagic is a very capable iOS photo editor and effects generator

I have seen and reviewed many photo filter apps, but after awhile they tend to blend together in my memory. That's not the case with PhotoMagic, a US$0.99 app for the iPhone that goes beyond the mundane color filters we usually see in these apps, and gives you some professional effects to make you...

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PopAGraph is a clever iOS photo app that gives your photos some 'pop'.

PopAGraph is a free iOS app that lets you mask off something in a photo, then create a reduced size frame that lets the object pop put of the frame boundaries. It can give your photos a unique look, and it's something I haven't seen before in an iPhone app. To make it work you select somethin...

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Zitrr Camera is a jack-of-all-trades camera app and editor for iOS

There are camera apps for the iPhone that claim to do it all, and some come very close. Newcomer Zitrr Camera (US$0.99, on sale through Tuesday) claims to be the only camera app you'll ever need. With a couple of caveats, it qualifies for the title. The app has a variety of useful shooting mo...

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Review: Color Thief for iOS

Color Thief is an interesting app for photo buffs that copies color information from one photo and applies it to another. That makes it a rather unique feature. My first reaction was "who cares?" But after playing with the app for a while, I found it interesting to apply a color scheme from one l...

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Daily iPad app: Snapseed

It's an app with a funny name, but a lot of power. Snapseed, from Nik Software, is a powerful photo editor for the iPad. You can enhance color and exposure of any photo with a single click, or just tweak your photo using a variety of powerful tools that can transform a mundane photo into somethin...

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