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Chicago Sun-Times fires photography staff, tells journalists to use iPhones

Last Thursday my former hometown's newspaper, The Chicago Sun-Times, sadly laid off its entire 28-person full-time photography staff in an attempt to cut costs in an industry that has been seeing a steady decline in subscription numbers and ad revenue as physical newspapers struggle in a digital a...

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'Thirty Six' app makes you a thoughtful photographer again

Last summer I ran into the first photography teacher I had in the States. He was visiting London and we sat down over a pint. We spoke about the state of the photography industry, the Instagramification of consumer photography and the future of digital photography. And while we agreed that digi...

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Photographers and the iPhone

AppleMatters has published a great list of their top ten ways photographers can benefit from the iPhone. From sharing your portfolio on-the-go to note taking, it's a good list. My favorite is the example of a wedding photographer who keeps a sort of "check list" of shots to get (grouped shots, indiv...

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Rig of the Year (So Far)

Digg today brings us our first TUAW rig of the day/week/month/year. Owned by flickr user washington_dc_photographer, this workstation sports three 30 inch Apple Cinema displays, 1 G5 Quad, 1 G5 Dual, 1 15 inch PowerBook, 6TB of external storage, 6 CF card readers, and a 15 inch Sony wireless TV. I ...

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Adobe releases Lightroom beta 3

This one slipped past us: Adobe has released a third beta of Lightroom, their Aperture-competitor for professional photographers. The release notes are in PDF (I guess HTML is old news for the company who owns both Flash and Acrobat), but overall, improvements include: enhancements to import/export...

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Macworld reviews Aperture 1.0.1

Macworld has taken Aperture 1.0.1 for a spin and they like what they see, for the most part. It seems like the phrase 'diamond in the rough' might be the best way to describe Apple's latest prosumer app. There are lots of bugs to deal with, a sluggish interface, and some RAW concerns that may troubl...

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