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Tag: photography

See what's 'round you with RoundMe

Anyone who knows me understands that I live with an all-consuming travel lust. There's nothing I like more than going out to see what else is in the world. It's a prohibitively expensive fascination, so I'm often forced to accept compromises. RoundMe for iPhone (free) is so lovely in its executi...

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Snapselect for Mac solves a major nightmare for photographers

I have sooooo many photos scattered on my computer. Not all are in iPhoto, or Lightroom, or Aperture, the latter on which development was discontinued by Apple. Snapselect for OS X from MacPhun Software is a very clever and tremendously useful app just released on the Mac App Store. On sale for...

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Carson Daly profiles Kevin Russ -- living an iPhone photographer's dream

As part of his Last Call Spotlight series, Carson Daly profiled iPhone photographer Kevin Russ. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Russ has spent the last several years traveling the world and documenting his explorations with his iPhone. As he travels, Russ shoots his inspiring photos with his iPhon...

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White House photographer uses iPhone 6 to catch people off-guard

Christmas at the White House means a whole lot of camera flashes, poses, and smiles, and that usually means plenty of fancy camera equipment. For one seasoned photographer, Apple's iPhone is the tool of choice this year. As Time reports, photographer Brooks Kraft -- who has spent over a decade cov...

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iPhone users taking astronomical photos with the help of NightCap Pro

Taking pictures of stars and deep sky objects with an iPhone would not have been something I thought would have worked, but as Apple hardware improves with better low light camera performance, apps are there to exploit it and push the envelope. Several users of NightCap Pro, an app designed for n...

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The right way to take a product image with an iPhone

I sell a lot of items on eBay, so I'm always taking product photos for my listings. The iPhone is my camera of choice as the eBay iPhone app makes it easy to upload photos to an auction's description. Though convenient, the iPhone doesn't take great photos or so I thought until I saw this shot from...

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Swipe N Clean: A low-cost and efficient iOS photo editor

Swipe N Clean (US$0.99) is a new full-featured photo editor for iOS that is easy to use and can be a one-stop app for many iOS photographers. The app contains 75 filters, tools for cropping, adding text and emoticons, and basic controls for brightness, contrast and saturation. One tool I don't se...

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A new app takes Time Lapse photos in HDR

Apple's new Time Lapse feature in iOS 8 has spawned several apps that want to improve on the basic time lapse capability. That brings us to the aptly named Time Lapse with HDR app (US$1.99) from Lucky Clan. It's an additional feature for the company's Time Lapse app which I reviewed this summer. ...

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Kimiko Pro Color Cam is a solid camera app for iOS

Although there are a mountain of photo apps for iOS, I always like to see fresh ideas, and Kimiko Pro (free) definitely has some. As opposed to a post-processing tool, Kimiko Pro lets you frame your picture and make changes in real time before you snap away. With a pinching motion, you can ch...

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Heyday: A wonderful, well-designed personal journal app for iPhone

As I get older – and I'm already older than dirt compared to most of my fellow TUAW-ites – I find that it's more important to me to capture memories of what's going on in my life. I've been an avid journalist (one who writes a personal journal) since the early 2000s, and Day One is one o...

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Photos to Photos game has a picture to answer any question

What happens when you take the concept of the classic card game Apples to Apples and bring it to the iPhone? Photos to Photos happens. It's a game in which you compete with other random players to answer a question with nothing more than one photo out of the random assortment provided each round....

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GoPix is a clever, but limited slide movie maker for Instagram

GoPix ($1.99) is a just-released iOS slide show app for users on Instagram. It's a good illustration of the trade-offs between making something easy to use or having more creative control. GoPix is very, very easy to use. You begin by selecting up to nine photos. The app crops them for Instag...

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Stunning solar eclipse photo taken with an iPhone 5s

To promote the field of astronomy, NASA each day publishes an "Astronomy Picture of the Day" that showcases different aspects of our amazing universe. Each photo includes a brief explanation, which is written in layman's terms by a professional astronomer. An entry from Monday of this week highli...

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InstaCar lets you share your beloved car photos

Do you really love your wheels? Instacar (free) may be just the app for you. Take a picture of your beloved car, load the photo into InstaCar and add car logo and model graphics to your photo. InstaCar grabs your location and adds it to the photo if you want, and there are a bunch of templates so...

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Superimpose for iOS lets you blend and superimpose your photos

Superimpose (US$0.99) does a first class job of taking part of one photo and adding it to another. It's great for removing your best friend from a picture taken in your living room and putting them at Niagara Falls, or taking the head of one person (or your dog) and placing it on another body. ...

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