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Keepsy Calendars: Doing something fun with all those Instagram photos

Every once in a while a product shows up unexpectedly at the TUAW Labs that makes me really, really happy. A flat white box arrived at my door a few days ago, and when I opened it I saw a calendar and something about Instagram. I didn't bother to actually look at the calendar until a few days l...

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Sharing Instagram photos on Google+ automatically

Instagram (free) is a lot of fun, although it's often criticized as being the "auto-tune for photography." Google+ is the new social networking flavor of the week, so it's natural that the two services should get together. Wired's Gadget Lab has cooked up a recipe for more Instagram enjoyment by ...

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Share your iPhone photos to Google + with Piconhand

iOS owners using Google+ are in limbo until Apple approves the official Google+ application. Users can view their stream and send updates using Safari mobile, but they cannot upload photos via this web interface. Thanks to the tight integration between Google's online services, Google+ users ca...

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First Look: Pixelpipe 1.4.1

So you got a shiny new 3GS (no more space!) and are looking for new ways to play with the new videos you've recorded? If the iPhone's built in YouTube uploading functionality isn't quite enough for you, Pixelpipe has stepped in to fill the void and allow you to send that video (or photo) to over 40 ...

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Google releases Picasa 3 for Mac

iPhoto haters rejoice! Google recently released their popular photo management and editing program, Picasa, for Mac OS X. In my early testing, it didn't crash or seem sluggish, but like many Google offerings, this version still bears the "Beta" designation. Picasa integrates nicely with Google's o...

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Web2 Delight

We've looked at applications like Photonic, a Flickr client which removes the web from "web 2.0" (the web navigation, anyway) and offers a smooth desktop experience for browsing photos. It seemed likely that we'd see a similar application which would bring a blitzkrieg of media from similar sites to...

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Google releases Visigami, open source image browser

The guys over at the Google Mac blog have dropped a new little open source application called Visigami, which serves as a more "interesting" and "fun" way to browse and play around with images online. Basically, after installing the app, you can then pull in pics from Picasa, Google Images, or Fli...

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Google Picasa Web Albums Uploader updated for iPhoto '08

The Mac folks over at Google have announced the release of an update to their Web Albums Uploaders for their online photo sharing site Picasa. The single download actually contains two packages. One is a plugin for iPhoto that adds compatibility with iPhoto '08 and automatic conversion of iPhoto key...

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Aperture to Picasa plugin

Having just gotten a decent camera I've recently discovered the joys of Aperture. As a long standing Flickr user, I immediately installed Frazier Speirs excellent Aperture to Flickr plugin. For those inclined towards Google's Picasa instead, however, there is now a new plugin that performs a similar...

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MarsEdit 1.2 lands with Growl, Picasa and Vox support

Making good on his word after purchasing MarsEdit from Brent Simmons, Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software has quickly taken up development of the blogging client. Today Daniel released MarsEdit 1.2, a minor update that brings some great features like Growl support (when publishing, refreshing o...

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Google releases Mac photo uploader for Picasa Web Albums

No, Google hasn't brought Picasa to Mac OS X, but they did release two tools to let Mac users upload photos to their Picasa Web Albums service (think: 'Google does Flickr'). The first app (honesty a bit of a surprise) is a full-on plugin for iPhoto to let users upload their images right from within ...

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