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Pico: Use your iPhone to program DSLR time-lapse photographs

iOS 8 brought the power of time-lapse photography to a whole new audience, some of whom probably now wish that they could use their digital SLR cameras to shoot higher resolution time-lapse videos. Pico (US$50 minimum pledge) is a Kickstarter campaign from Minnesota-based Mindarin that brings so...

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Macworld Expo: Microvision projector kicks up interest

It's not available for purchase yet, but the tiny Microvision Pico projector on display at Macworld Expo definitely made an impact. The device -- roughly the size and weight of an iPhone -- throws a clear and sharp WVGA (848x480) image across a table or a room onto any light-colored surface. With V...

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Versions out of beta

Since getting schooled in the comments on my last mention of Versions (a favorite of Robert's), I've reacquainted myself with Subversion ... and come to really enjoy using this polished and highly usable SVN client. Git may have its benefits, but for a lot of what I do (especially solo web design), ...

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Optoma's palm-sized video projector looks great

Optoma's tiny Pico projector has caught our attention. This small device (50mm x 103mm x 15mm) weighs four ounces and features up to 2 hours of battery life, an LED lamp with a lifespan of 20,000 hours and mini USB connectivity. The manufacturers claim that images can be viewed at 60" (measured ...

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Making Pico work on your iPhone

Over on #iphone-shell, user Doggkruse was wondering how to get pico to work on his iPhone. Problem was that the iPhone had no terminal definitions on-board. So every time he ran pico, he got "Unknown termtype vt100" errors. For those of you curious how to fix this problem, here's the solution. On yo...

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