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First Look: SodaSnap Instant Postcards

Missing iCards? Well, SodaSnap hopes to fill the missing hole with their postcards for the iPhone. "SodaSnap Instant Postcards" is a a free application that does just that: creates postcards on-the-go. Just shoot a picture with your iPhone and SodaSnap lets you send it off as an e-mail postcard. Yo...

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Mac 101: Taking PhotoBooth pictures without flash, count-down

We love the quick tips that Tekzilla brings everyday. The other day they showed off a tip that we just couldn't turn down spreading. When you're in PhotoBooth you can use two key combos to either turn off the flash or temporarily disable the count-down. Hold down the shift key when you press the ta...

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SIM card swappin' and the early snap of iPhonation

So maybe, contrary to previous reports, you will be able to swap out that SIM card on your iPhone. Although, with all things Apple, they would prefer you only use what they give you. The official word is "Other SIM cards may not work." Most AT&T cards will probably work. In other news: For a qui...

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Flickr Find: First iPhone Pics?

Over the weekend all the buzz was about whether someone had posted pics snapped with an iPhone up to Flickr. The EXIF information suggested that the shots were "taken with an Apple iPhone". Mobile Guerilla did a little investigating, found that the person who uploaded the pics (now taken down from F...

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