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iPad now being used in every American Airlines cockpit

American Airlines has announced the deployment of more than 8,000 iPads to the cockpits of its fleet as part of a new electronic flight bag for pilots. The roll out has lead to American discontinuing paper revisions to its terminal charts, saving money, paper and mess in the future. To put a numb...

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How one helicopter pilot uses the iPad

In a short, but interesting article at GigaOM, writer Erica Ogg interviews her search-and-rescue helicopter pilot husband about technology in the cockpit. She talks to him about the iPad 2 and how the tablet has transformed his job. Not surprisingly, the iPad is used in everything from pre-flig...

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Pilots: Take your iPad flying with the Tech Board iPro Kneeboard

With its beautiful display, capacious storage, and hundreds of thousands of apps, the iPad is an instant hit with both professional and private pilots. The iPad is much more readable than an iPhone, and it's easy to take PDF files of sectional and terminal area charts with you on the device. As w...

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Flying Magazine blogger wants an iPad in the cockpit

Here at TUAW, we've talked about some potential markets for the iPad; for example, the health care industry. Over at Flying Magazine's website, blogger Robert Goyer is lusting after the iPad as a tool in the cockpit. The iPhone has become a pilot's toolkit since the App Store opened, with apps li...

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5 Apps (Mac & iPhone) for pilots

People who fly airplanes, either professionally or for fun, are an interesting bunch. When they're not flying, they are usually doing something to keep their skills sharp or to learn something new. This selection of five Mac and iPhone applications is a sampling of what's available for Apple platfor...

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WWDC Demo: Flogger, a flight logger for iPhone

We're winding down the last of our WWDC video demos this week, and today we're looking at Flogger, a simple but powerful flight logger for iPhones and iPod touch handhelds (despite a name that might make you look twice). I'm not a pilot, but some of the features sounded pretty nifty, including a me...

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CBS green lights 'Genius Bar' TV show

Apple's Genius Bar will soon be able to add 'entertainment' to its list of things it does for people, as CBS has given two thumbs up for a show pilot titled Genius Bar. The show apparently follows the employees of a place similar to Apple's Genius Bar and their adventures with "the cool, hip and bea...

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