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Daily iPhone App: Marvel Pinball is a great app hindered by a bad model

Zen Studios is very well known for their pinball titles, which all feature great graphics, well-made themes, and excellent pinball table mechanics. Just today, Zen has brought their very popular Marvel Pinball game to iOS, and you can now download the app itself for 99 cents. Unfortunately, tha...

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Daily Mac App: War Pinball HD

Can't get enough pinball on your Mac? War Pinball HD from Gameprom takes the great pinball engine we saw in Pinball HD and adds some war film tie-ins to the mix. You've got three tables on offer in War Pinball HD, two based on Charlie Sheen flicks, Platoon and Navy Seals, and one on a Chuck N...

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Daily Mac App: Pinball HD

Looking for some classic arcade gaming action on your Mac? Pinball HD might just hit the spot. Originally released for iOS, Pinball HD has made the jump to the Mac App Store bringing you three tables in one and upping the graphics to take advantage of modern Mac hardware. Tables include Wil...

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Pinball HD for the iPad: It doesn't get much better than this

Gameprom has taken their three popular iPhone/iPod touch pinball games, The Deep, Jungle Style Pinball and Wild West Pinball (US$.99 each), and rolled them into one amazing iPad app: Pinball HD selling at $2.99. The iPad app is much more than just a simple port with better graphics, it adds so many...

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Multiball Pinball: Not your Dad's pinball, and maybe not yours either

Multiball Pinball (US$2.99 for devices using iPhone OS 2.2 or better), is billed by Matmi, publisher of three other pinball games, as their most extreme pinball yet. If extreme, means busy, chaotic and possibly headache inducing, I'd agree with them. Let's try a test. Look at the graphic on the r...

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Tilt! Preview photos of The Pinball for iPad and Mac OS X

With just one week left until iPad Saturday, we're starting to see some amazing software coming out. One of the more intriguing games that we've seen is The Pinball for iPad from Gameprom. Pinball fanatics will likely find this app to be a vast improvement over the games found on the iPhone platf...

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