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Video: An in-depth hands-on look at Apple CarPlay

Despite all the reporting about Apple's CarPlay service, most users still have no idea what the service looks like when in use. What quirks might it have? Is it safe to use while driving? Fret not true believers, we have just the walkthrough for you. TUAW contributor Josh Carr has put together...

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An edge-case perspective of Apple

Throughout the last decade, reading rumors about Apple products gave me an edge-case perspective of Apple. With each new rumor, I have an internal discussion that determines the validity with a "yes" or a "no." In the past couple years, the dialogue changed from "yeah, that would be cool" to "plea...

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Pioneer announces iOS-integrated AppRadio receiver

Last month we told you about a Pioneer filing with the FCC that revealed something called the AppRadio. Today, Pioneer has officially showed off just what the AppRadio is -- an iOS-integrated car receiver that hooks up to your iPhone or iPod touch. AppRadio features a 800 x 400 6.1-inch multito...

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Pioneer registers with the FCC for AppRadio

It seems like just the other day we were chatting with Pioneer about its interfaces for iPhones in the car, and sure enough, it seems the company has plans for even more integration between its in-car units and Apple's smartphone. A filing with the FCC has revealed something Pioneer is calling ...

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Pioneer demos new iPhone-powered in-dash interface

We first heard about Pioneer's AVIC in-car units back at CES earlier this year, but earlier today, the company was kind enough to drive a Land Rover up to my curb here in Los Angeles, and I checked out the system in action. The main unit, as you can see in the picture above, is a pretty standar...

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Pioneer receiver to gain AirPlay support

Pioneer plans to ship new 5.1 and 7.1 channel AV receivers at the end of the month. These receivers include greater support for AirPlay and iPad, iPhone, and iPod integration. The receivers will have two different iOS apps included with the purchase. iControlAV2 will allow the user to remote con...

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Pioneer reveals SmartCradle for iPhone, shows display concept at CES

Car audio company Pioneer just held a press conference here at CES, and TUAW was in attendance to see the reveal of their new SmartCradle product, a mounted iPhone-specific dock for the car. As car docks go, this one is pretty solid -- it is iPhone-specific (though the latest iPod touch will also w...

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Pioneer releases 3D Blu-ray players controlled by iOS app

Pioneer has shipped out some brand new 3D Blu-ray players just in time to catch the tail-end of the holiday season (maybe they're hoping people making returns after Christmas will pick these up instead of whatever else they got). The players are actually pretty awesome, if indeed a Blu-ray player i...

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With AirPlay, Apple opens iTunes software to a 3rd party

Engadget reports that Apple has opened its AirPlay technology to a third party, BridgeCo. BridgeCo is the maker of JukeBlox, a network streaming technology that's embedded into its partners' audio products and equipment to allow wireless audio streaming. And, it just so happens, according to Brid...

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Hack your Mac Pro SuperDrive for fun and profit

It's not uncommon for computer manufacturers to swap and switch out various components for similar or near-identical parts during a production run, and Apple has been known to partake in this practice in the past. That being said, occasionally a manufacturer will use a part which has a slightly high...

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