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Lack of receipt checking could enable Mac App Store piracy

Not long after the Mac App Store opened, several warnings via Twitter began to surface. "You did implement receipt checking so that people can't pirate your app. Yes?" developer Nik Fletcher (also one of our former writers here at TUAW) asked his followers. Ged Maheux at the Iconfactory also poin...

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No more serial numbers in iWork retail boxes

Customers who buy iWork '09 retail boxes may be surprised by what they don't find inside. Namely, a registration code. Apple has stopped shipping iWork with a registration code starting with version '09. "Install iWork '09 from the enclosed disc and you're ready to go," says Apple. Of course, those ...

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Another piratical tool: Captain FTP

We're all talking like pirates today, savvy? Best way to stay clear of Davy Jones' Locker is to have a sure way of gettin' ta yer treasure, like maybe a map, or a compass, or perhaps a shareware FTP client. We be downloading Captain FTP even now. The Captain keeps a pretty tight ship, despite all th...

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World's most piratical Mac utility -- arRsync

Avast, me hearties, as Erica noted earlier, today be Talk Like a Pirate Day. We be scourin' the series of tubes makin' up this World Wide Web, hunting for buried software treasure in honor of the occasion, and here you'll find a prime piece of plunder: arRsync, a graphical front end for the UNIX rsy...

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Pirate up your Mac with Jobby Roger

What do you get for the Mac portable user who has everything? Why, a sticker from Jobby Roger of course. This $4 sticker (that includes shipping in the US, International orders cost $5) instantly transforms any MacBook, iBook, MacBook Pro, or PowerBook into a laptop that Blackbeard would be glad to...

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