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The Clockwork Pismo

If one were to draw a Venn diagram of my interests this clockwork Pismo mod would fall squarely in the overlapping circles of 'Steampunk' and 'Apple tech.' Tom Mordasky at MacMod.com took some broken clock gears, aluminum, a sharp knife or two and created a thing of beauty. Pictured above, before h...

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Wicked cool Pismo picture frame

We've seen laptops modded into picture frames before, but this one really caught our attention. Flickr user theducks used parts from two Pismos, some plastic and a bit of creativity to make this photo frame. It has a real cool mod look that we love. The only thing is that theducks is a little skimp...

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Rig of the Day: Technosexual

Flickr user Vedia really likes his laptops. Check out this sweet display: A 12" Powerbook G4, a 14" iBook G4, a Pismo Powerbook and finally a Powerbook 5300c. Pretty nice, just make sure the 5300 doesn't burst into flames ok? Rounding out Vedia's collection is a pair of LaCie Porsche driv...

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