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Smoking iPhone emphasizes importance of authorized repair work

An iPhone self-ignited during a Regional Express flight in Australia due to a faulty repair. According to a Sydney Morning Post article, the smoking phone was spotted by a cabin crew member, shortly after the plane landed at the Sydney Airport on November 25, 2011. The crew member asked the pas...

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Encased iPad survives 1300 foot drop, because why not?

The folks at G-Form make athletic pads and rugged iPad cases, but they must really hate Apple's tablet over there. Not only did they drop a bowling ball on it and drop it out of a plane at 500 feet, but now they've doubled that distance, throwing a couple of encased iPads from a parachute at a ...

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iCub puts an iPad in a plane

Even though the first iPhone lacked a GPS and compass (not to mention a true gyroscope), there were a few early avionic entries to the App Store, mostly involving crude tilt measurements. When the iPhone got a GPS and then a compass, it became a wee more useful to the flying sort. The iPad brings a...

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iPod doubles as flight data recorder

If you're in the market for a small plane (and really, who isn't in the market for a small plane?) perhaps this news will help you choose: American manufacturer LoPresti will allow the iPod to serve as a flight data recorder in the Fury two-seater. This is "flight data recorder" in the sense of "per...

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