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Tag: plasq

Comic Life 3 adds new filters and more

Are you a fan of Comic Life? The Mac application has been around for years, giving you the opportunity to put yourself or friends into comic strip-like images complete with halftones and fun titles. For many years, Comic Life came pre-installed on Macs so you could process photos with wild abandon...

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Plasq brings Comic Life to the iPad

Comic Life, the popular Mac application that takes your photos and lets you turn them into a comic book, is now available on the iPad. The iPad version launched late last week and includes several features of its desktop counterpart, including templates, balloon controls and social network inte...

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Comic Life 2 for Mac delivers more thought-balloon fun

From time to time, I'm asked to name my favorite Mac app -- as if such a designation was even possible (I love you all equally, kids, don't worry). If you pushed me and narrowed the question a bit to, "Is there a Mac app that you keep coming back to when you have to create something cool in a very s...

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Plasq ships Comic Life Magiq

It's Magiq day. First announced and demoed at Macworld Expo in January, and eagerly awaited by doodlers everywhere: Plasq's new evolution in the Comic Life product line, Comic Life Magiq, is shipping now. Magiq is not an upgrade to Comic Life, which is still sold separately -- it's a whole new tool,...

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Quick video of Plasq's Magiq

Click To Play It's no big secret we love the funky look and wonderfully simple apps that come from the Plasq team. And there's no denying that Comic Life was a big hit for them. To follow that act they've been working on Comic Life Magiq, which we only had ...

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Skitch beta now open to the public

Skitch is one of our favorite apps here at TUAW. In case you haven't heard of it, Skitch is a very cool screen capturing app that makes it easy to capture stuff on your Mac's screen, do some basic editing, and then share it with your friends via FTP, Flickr, or Skitch's own service. Skitch has been ...

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Show floor video: Plasq's Doozla, illustration for kids

We tease the Plasq crew for their taste in outerwear, but their taste in software is impeccable. Announced at the show: open beta of our fave Skitch, upcoming add-on to 'expert' version of Comic Life (Comic Life Magiq, a separate product from the original Comic Life), and an entirely new application...

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TUAW has 1000 Skitch invites to give away!

[Update 2: The invite window is now closed! Thanks for participating everyone, invites should be sent out soon! [Update: The plasq folks have informed us that the response to this invite offer has been absolutely amazing; well over 1000 requests. The good news? They have agreed to send invites ou...

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Video: a tour of Skitch

Click To Play Skitch is the latest app from the boys of Plasq, makers of the hugely popular Comic Life. If you've never seen it in action, take a few to check out the simple yet powerful interface....

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Skitch opens doors with invite-only public beta, begins sending out copies

We may have been playing with Skitch and teasing you with screenshot galleries since the app's debut at Macworld '07, but today is the day that some of you can finally start teasing someone else for a change. That's right: the plasq crew have officially opened the flood gates and have begun sendi...

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POW! THWAK! Comic Life updated

Notwithstanding the pre-beta Skitch product announcement, the Plasq crew have been busy as beavers (despite having never met in person before Macworld; talk about your distributed development teams) on their already-released products. Comic Life 1.3 is out for download now and includes: Visual p...

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As a blogger here on TUAW I probably take an unusually high number of screenshots. I always have Grab and ImageWell running, so I can snag some pics of websites or of apps in action. That is, I always had Grab/ImageWell running, until I visited Plasq's booth on the Macworld showfloor. Move over Imag...

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The Cocoa Conundrum

When it comes to software on the Mac platform it's a mixed bag. I don't mean like on Windows, where the bag is full of snakes, scorpions, rusty blades, and the occasional bit of peach. Software on the Mac has been in flux for a decade. When Apple bought NeXT, most of us figured Copland was dead in t...

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plasq releases free Sqreensavers

plasq, developers of the hit Comic Life, have released a package of 10 screensavers for your Mac. They are funky, they are fun, and best of all they are free. Now, I know what you're thinking, 'who cares about screensavers?' This is a matter or personal taste, but I would venture that these are some...

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